these winter days

IMG_1202We are having lots of low-key winter days around here, and it has been lovely. 

We have had several days of snow, which has finally convinced EBug that it is indeed winter. That’s her benchmark, so I’m glad we got some. It was the perfect snow too. The type that is beautiful but doesn’t shut everything down for days and days. I get frantic if I can’t go to Target. IMG_0878 IMG_0872 Ev has been doing lots and lots of cooking. Both real and pretend. Susu and Pops got her this cookbook last spring for her birthday, and she has loved it so much. The recipes are simple, delicious, and perfect for a 3 year old. Would be a great gift. Cooking and baking are our go-to indoor activities. IMG_0867The kids have been so great with the tree this year. They do like to play with the ornaments, but they are relatively careful, and we have only had a few casualties. IMG_1154 EBug is really into the snow and loves being out in it. Snow doesn’t suit Brother Bear and me as well. He hates the cold, and I pretty much do too. But we did brave it for a little bit to sled with our friends. IMG_1161 IMG_1177 IMG_1185Our indoor time has been surprisingly good. It’s hard to believe how good. IMG_1195 I was fretting a bit about so much time inside in our tiny little apartment with just a few toys. I am not big on having lots of toys, but sometimes in the winter I get a little panicky about not having enough. IMG_1198 Turns out, this fear is ridiculous. Never underestimate the imaginations of children. IMG_1144 EBug is constantly coming up with hilarious scenarios for her and Brother to play, such as, “pizza night,” “school park,” “babysitter” (my favorite!), “puppies,” and “zoom zoom.” I need to do a blog post detailing the specifics of these. They crack me up. 

One big development in their ability to play together is Brother’s communication. Ev has always been a good big sister, but her interest in him has grown enormously now that he can talk. He can say all the words. Rob and I can mostly understand him, but E is fluent in his language. The conversation they have. I need to record them. IMG_1226Such little loves. IMG_1212And last but certainly not least, we have been celebrating Advent. My friend, Erin, put together an amazing ornament exchange for Jesse Tree ornaments, and it has been such a joy to use them to prepare our hearts for Christmas. I have used them mostly along with the JSB, our favorite. 

Christmas music is also playing loud and strong around here. We have so many favorites. Dave Barnes’ Very Merry Christmas album is my daily choice, and the kids and I also love the Epiphany album by Pierce and Reagan-their version of Joy to the World is absolutely the best. 

Ev asked me yesterday if I would play, “Shepherds we have heard of you.” Close. 

I also wanted to record her most recent prayer. She asks to pray every night at dinner. She went through a phase when she was not interested in praying at all, and we did not push it. But now she wants to, so we encourage. Here is what’s on repeat at our dinner table:

“Dear God, we love you and we care for you. We love that we can be by your side. Amen.”

These little words are so precious, and have reminded me that at this time of year we are looking back at the first time that Jesus came to this world and looking ahead to when He will come again. I can’t wait. 

“For all the promises of God find their yes in Jesus.” 2 Cor. 1:20

8 thoughts on “these winter days

  1. Sweet little muchkins! Her little prayer brings tears to my eyes. Love that noodle-face W, and E can come play “babysitter” over here anytime! 😉

  2. E is your child, “Friends, Friends” creator. Curtis will stay inside with BB all winter, too (hates the cold!). I, too, love the sounds of sweet toddler prayers. Looking forward to seeing y’all soon!

  3. It’s hard to decide what I like most about this post – E’s sweet little hand holding the cookbook open, BB in his footie pj’s in front of the tree, E and M playing in the snow – smiling as they come down the hill together, or E’s prayers. She’s got the gospel in a nutshell, that Jesus came so that we could be by God’s side. And Ab nailed it when she said that E is your child! 🙂

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