Worth it

We ended our week with laundry piled all around in mountains. I don’t think we had one clean thing in the house. It had been a busy week, and life had piled up as it tends to do. So the obvious choice for our Saturday was to get caught up. Buckle down, make some lists, and get to it.

But that didn’t sound quite as fun as a jaunt up the road to the hustle and bustle of New York City! The Christmas tree at Rockefeller was calling to us. It only made sense to forgo the housekeeping and make a memory.

The only only only reason that a day trip with little people made any sense at all, because it is quite a distance, is due to our children’s looooooove of transportation. We knew riding the train would be part (maybe their favorite part) of the whole experience. So we drove up to Trenton and took a train into the city.

As we predicted, the train was a blast for them.
IMG_0892 IMG_0901 All aboard! All his dreams coming true. IMG_0908As soon as we stepped off at Penn station, things were already festive. Holly jolly right away. IMG_0926 This will come as a shock, but it was important to me that Brother Bear get a nap in while we were there. So I borrowed an ergo carrier (those things are awesome!) from a friend. Thank you, Maggie! He napped like a champ while we made our way to the children’s museum of manhattan. IMG_0939  Once at the museum he was rested and ready for some fun in the land of Dora and Boots!

Both children loved this exhibit. EBug was walking around narrating her own actions (very common these days) as if she were in an episode herself. IMG_0956 IMG_0971 Then we headed to another floor for some “skating” (slipping around in socks) on the Grinch’s pond. They were grinning and laughing the whole time. IMG_0978 IMG_0980 IMG_0997 IMG_1023 They made a point to slip and fall often. IMG_1029 We finally pulled them off the “ice” to continue our adventure through the city. IMG_1051 IMG_1057    One of my absolute favorite parts of being in the city is just walking outside taking it all in.

All types of people everywhere, Christmas trees being sold on every corner, and lots of unique spots to experience. Such as-the Treat House.


Only in nyc can places this specialized survive! Rice krispie treats. That’s all they sell. But tons of unique toppings and mixin’s that made all of our mouths water. IMG_1061IMG_1064 A little coffee to-go, and it was time to take our treats to Central Park.

As we were walking, we were really talking up Central Park to Ev. A few minutes in, I realized that she was probably picturing lots of park equipment. Uh oh. So then we started back tracking trying to explain what the park was like, because if you’ve ever been, you know the park is huge with lots of spaces and paths and bridges, and I had honestly never seen any playgrounds. IMG_1072 Now, I don’t know Central Park. No clue what is where and blah blah blah. But we entered at some random corner and lo and behold an awesome park!IMG_1076 IMG_1084 The kids had the best time at that park. I will never forget it. They would sprint over to sip their cocoa and then sprint back to run and play and slide. IMG_1087 IMG_1089 This was honestly my favorite part of the day. We were all so relaxed, filling ourselves with fresh air and happy moments. We should have just stayed at that park til time to go back home, but the tree! We had come for the tree. IMG_1095 So we loaded the kids into a taxi, they were in heaven, and headed to Rockefeller Plaza. IMG_1096 IMG_1100 IMG_1104 IMG_1117 IMG_1119 IMG_1123 There is a line between festive and chaos and it is fine!

Trying to just get over to the tree was a huge feat. I was so thankful we had not brought the stroller! The crowds! It was insane. Everyone had the same idea we did.

So after a few attempts at pictures in front of the tree our brains were screaming, “Flee!”IMG_1132 IMG_1137 So we said goodbye to the Big Apple and made our way back home.

It was a long, full day, but worth every effort. The kids snoozed on the ride home, and we enjoyed some time to chat together and listen to things of our own choosing. IMG_1139 Brother must have played with his taxi car for two hours this morning! These children will be dreamin’ about nyc for weeks.

9 thoughts on “Worth it

  1. That park looked so fun!! The whole day looked fun! How perfect that you went to a Dora and boots exhibit!! Love the pic of rob holding both kids!

  2. I love these photos of your day trip. They will be looked at and remembered for years to come. I think my fav is both kids in Mom’s arms toward the end of the post and particularly Brother’s face. Perfect contentment. Dreaming of Taxi’s through the city. He probably wasn’t asleep but I’m making believe.

  3. You must have entered Central Park at the same place we did! I was thinking about that playground as I was reading the post. So glad you went!

  4. BB in the sak in the Ergo!! You are one brave Mom to make this happen for your littles. What a fun adventure full of wonderful memories.

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