The upside

So maybe winter won’t be so bad. IMG_0614We have some wonderful friends in Annapolis, which is so fun, because it has given us many a reason to go over there, and it is just the quaintest place in the world.

So they invited us to head down the highway for an ice skating adventure, and it was about the cutest thing to see the little people attempt it. IMG_0604Little Brother running to get his skates. The backwards hat is becoming a wardrobe staple. IMG_0611 IMG_0608 IMG_0612 IMG_0613 IMG_0618  IMG_0620  IMG_0631IMG_0630We had the best time, and I was super proud of the munchkins for attempting such a slippery sport. I was nervous myself. 

We will have to go back again this winter. ‘Make winter bearable’ is my new motto. Thanks for the soup input! My mom sent me an awesome recipe that was my great grandmother’s! Things are looking up. 

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