‘Hood hopping in our ‘stumes

IMG_0204 Halloween is fun. I can take the good and leave the bad, I just can. Kids, candy, and ‘stumes, such a delightful combination.IMG_0207 IMG_0211 My little EBug really wanted to be a cupcake this year. And that seemed fitting, because she loves them. So I pinned some ideas and thought about being crafty, and then life happened, and I found myself with a couple days until Halloween and nothing to show for it.

So we high-tailed it to my favorite consignment store, and I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to convince Ev to choose from whatever the store had left.

Lo and behold this store has endeared itself to me forever. There, waiting for us, was a pottery barn cupcake costume just her size. I gave thanks for that little provision.

Then, of course, Brother wanted to be a cupcake too. Has to be just like Ev.

It took some convincing, but I was able to talk him into being a puppy, and truly he is obsessed with dogs, so it totally fits.

My friend loaned us this perfect little puppy costume. IMG_0215 IMG_0218 I had to refrain from smothering that little pup with kisses all night long. IMG_0221 We took a few pics and made a few friends in our own neighborhood before heading out to trick our treat in a neighborhood with a bit more action. IMG_0229This little superman wanted our kids to have candy from his bag. Such a sweetie. His mom said that he is always wanting to give away their money. Melt me.  IMG_0234 Next, we met up with our sweet friends to all trick-or-treat together. Look at tiny tin man!IMG_0241 IMG_0263 IMG_0267 IMG_0275 IMG_0276 IMG_0278 This neighborhood did not disappoint. IMG_0284 IMG_0286 Lifestyles of the rich and famous. IMG_0290 Perfect fall night. IMG_0292 Kermit and Cupcake. BFF. IMG_0305My little pup pup. We had to do some serious explaining about filling your bag with candy now to eat later. But he eventually caught on and had a blast.   IMG_0313 IMG_0315 IMG_0318 One house gave out small toys. Such a great idea!IMG_0323Such a fun night! Until next year…

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