So show me family

Our life has been full, even though my blog has been empty.

It’s been a rich season around here. Lots of saying, “Yes,” to being in community with others, lots of conversations about priorities and the future, lots of fun filled days with the children, and it’s left little time for any blogging.

I’ve missed it, but haven’t felt compelled, like I usually do, to attend to it. A time for everything I guess.

But I did want to find a moment to dump these photos and talk about my family.

Starting with this man. Our leader. IMG_0008I feel sad for everyone that is not married to him. Rejoicing though that I am the one that gets to be! And maybe you know him but, of course, aren’t married to him, and I just have to say that what you see and experience of his sincerity and service and leadership just give a small glimpse into the depths of his love and heart.

He is an incredible man of faith and conviction, and I have watched the Lord grow in him a deep desire for righteous living. He leads us well, and I am beyond grateful to be his wife.

He recently had a birthday, and we were able to spend 5, kid-free hours together thanks to a very sweet friend. We had the best date, and I am always reminded of how refreshing and important those times are. Can’t get enough.

Then there’s these guys:IMG_0018 The munchkin-ette. Obsessed with being outdoors, high-energy activities, and currently-puppet shows. The girl wants me to do puppet shows constantly. She would have the puppets go everywhere with us if she could. IMG_0024 Then there’s this munchkin. His current obsession is roll-call. “Where Mommy go? Where Daddy go? Where Sissy go?” He keeps tabs. IMG_0032 IMG_0034 IMG_0036 IMG_0049 Watching the two of them together has been such a joy. When E embraces her role of big sister, the harmony that results is tear-inducing. IMG_0058 IMG_0060Corn maze fun. IMG_0062 IMG_0074IMG_0110The other day Brother was crying from his crib because he was up from his nap. Rob and I were finishing up a conversation, and E said, “Mommy, my baby brother is crying… Mommy, you need to go get him.” And since we were quickly getting in our last few sentences to each other, she took matters into her own hands, “I’m coming, Bud!!!” and ran in to comfort her little sidekick. They make me smile.

4 thoughts on “So show me family

  1. Your sentence about not feeling compelled to blog made me sad! Not that I need you to feel compelled instead of just being out living your life. But I SURE do love your posts and your pictures 🙂

  2. I could leave a whole paragraph on this post! But I’ll just say that God has been mighty faithful to our original 6-person group. And I love that one of yours inherited the Cox frown of intensity. It’s like a little piece of Dad still here among us.

  3. A wonderful season in your family life, and a delightful season of the year to enjoy your blessings and share the rich harvest thru relationships, new and old….

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