Street Festival

We have been down with the sickness lately. Nothing major, just a tricky little virus that has made its rounds. It’s been a bummer.

But we did not let it keep us from visiting a street festival that was happening right outside our doors this past Saturday. We all needed a little time out of the house, and the music, food trucks, and festival games were calling to us.

Besides the fact that I locked our keys inside our apartment, it was a perfect morning. (But don’t fret for us. Our landlord was on site and let us in. God provides.)

Following the mishap Rob reiterated to me (more than!) a few times that this could not happen again.  I assured him it wouldn’t…but-my humanity. We’ll see how that goes and hope for the best.

An-y-way. My camera came to the festival, so photos…bus daddy singerdance1 dance2 Dancing Machine.^^ducks ducks2 He monitored the ducks closely. ^^Untitled-2fam2 food Best sliders x3. I mean, for real. Best.friend friends One of her little besties and fam came by to enjoy the festival with us. paint Brother Bear has unusually high toddler patience. Although, this ability to sit still has never shown itself on a Sunday morning during worship. I guess I should start bringing arm paint with us.W Loved his Blue.tunnel Her hair is in her face 99 percent of the time.visorIt was such a great day crafting, eating, and playing.

We are falling in love with this neighborhood.

4 thoughts on “Street Festival

  1. Oh my goodness!! I want to come to the festival! Ev is just the cutest little thing in that outfit! How cute is that family pic with Ev’s arm draped over you!

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