Thirty Days Hath September

What is happening to time? Every month I am more and more baffled. The months pass quickly. All too quickly. I am finding that the longer I live, the crazier this feeling gets. I am pretty sure it’s because as you age, each month is a smaller fraction of your whole life. So a month is still a month, but now a month is 1/356th of my life. As opposed to when I was, say five years old, and a month was 1/60th of my life. Deep thoughts.IMG_9423Anyway! I am pretty into September. More than January for me, it marks the start of new things. Summer has its perks, for sure, but I am a lover of routines and a full calendar. Our weeks are now bursting at the seams with activities, and I love it. IMG_9426We have started a new year of preschool playgroup, and I am obsessed. I will post soon about our format for the year, and what we feel like is the next step for our preschoolers after learning letters and numbers. I still do this with two friends who I adore and whose children I have come to love so dearly. They are amazing mothers and educators, so we pretty much have it made in the shade for our little homeschool/preschool/co-op/thing.IMG_9428Also, BSF has started, and there are just not enough words for how much I love it. I am leading a group this year, which is exciting, humbling, and daunting all at the same time. It means that the kids and I have two mornings a week that are BSF to the max. I was a bit worried about having them away from me for two whole mornings in a row, but I am always reminded what an investment this is in them. They learn so much. And the children’s leaders are salt of the earth. They love on my children as if they were their own. Both mornings, when I go to pick up Ev and Brother, they are jazzy. They have the best time. I see first-hand the value of letting other believers pour into my children.IMG_9429Our free mornings always fill up with play dates and outings, and our post-nap and sometimes post-dinner moments fill with park time. We have no backyard, since we are in an apartment now and are loving all the opportunities the park provides to get outside and get to know neighborhood kids.IMG_9440Rob’s schedule has lightened up, and everyone thrives when he is around more. I love the extra help at bedtime, and I’ve even made myself scarce a few times and let him do the whole routine solo. I’m selfless like that. IMG_9459I just love these jam packed days. I am super lax when it comes to laundry, cleaning, and such, so I don’t become anxious about not having much time for those things. Our apartment is small, which makes cleaning pretty quick, and we purged alot when we moved here, so there is just less stuff to deal with in general. I know simplifying is like a thing now, and I think there is a reason. I am totally sold on less stuff and less space.IMG_9465IMG_9431September has been good to me, and I am planning to savor the rest of it.

(Photos are from the garden next to the conservatory, but I want to take park pics soon. Lots of great outdoor options ’round here.)

One thought on “Thirty Days Hath September

  1. At first I thought that Brother was eating that flower, and then I realized that he was just resting his chin on it! 🙂 These pictures are so fine – can I order the first one as my Christmas gift?

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