Bear Bear’s Castle

Dear Ev,

There are certain things about your growing up that I don’t ever want to forget. Memories that I am holding here in this little time capsule of my journey as a mother. And Bear Bear’s castle is one of those things.

The first time we pulled off the interstate toward our new neighborhood you shouted, “Look! There’s Bear Bear’s castle!”IMG_9551IMG_9537IMG_9485And you have shouted it every time since.

You have had so many questions about Bear Bear’s castle. Who lives there? How do we get up to it? Can we go in? A mystery just waiting to be solved. I don’t know how you knew it was Bear Bear’s, but your conviction leaves no room for doubt.

One of the best parts of it all is your little brother’s enthusiasm for the castle as well. Yours is contagious. He wants to be just like you. He never hesitates to join your adventures.

It only made sense to visit the castle with your beloved Bear Bear.IMG_9509IMG_9489 IMG_9515 IMG_9490IMG_9531I don’t know why writing about Bear Bear’s castle brings tears to my eyes, but it does. It captures your innocence, your curiosity, your imagination and your joy. It has made every drive into our new neighborhood a happy one, and that is a gift to me, sweet Ev. Bear Bear’s castle will always be special to us.

4 thoughts on “Bear Bear’s Castle

  1. I’m so glad you went to see Bear Bear’s castle up close. And that profile picture of dad with little brother – oh my! – they look like the same person.

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