Such a peach

My mom came to visit us last week. I think and hope this is becoming an end of summer tradish. A week with Susu! EBug was counting down to her arrival for days and days and days. I can not tell her things too far in advance unless I want to be questioned seventy seven times daily.

We were so glad when the day came to pick Susu up at the airport!

We spent some of the week running errands and continuing to get settled in our new place. She was a great help in that department. My wardrobe looks like a display at Nordstroms. I am for real. She has this magical gift when it comes to folding and stacking, and I am never touching my clothes. They must stay just as they are.

We were also able to squeeze in some fun stuff too. Susu has had a specific desire since we moved here: drive to Annapolis and see the Naval Academy. Two years later, we finally honored her request.

It was a sunny, pleasant day. Great for walking and exploring. IMG_9256IMG_9258 They have some really gorgeous buildings there.

I feel like people who go to the Naval Academy should also get a couple extra years at an SEC college. To relax a little, let their hair down, or at least take their caps off. IMG_9261 Constantly climbing. This is why I must always put leggings under dresses. IMG_9278 IMG_9285 IMG_9290 IMG_9297 These two. I mean sometimes they just melt me to a puddle. We are always telling them how lucky they are to have each other. Because it’s true. IMG_9299 IMG_9303 IMG_9310 IMG_9318 This part was awesome. Noon formation. On weekdays the brigade forms and marches into lunch to the music of Midshipmen’s Drum and Bugle Corps. It was powerful. Mom said it made her proud to be an American. IMG_9319 So happy we could make all her dreams come true. Or at least one of them. We all had a fantastic morning. IMG_9334 The next day it was off to a farm for some fruit pickin’. George was the companion of choice. IMG_9339 This was really really really fun. It was the perfect activity to make you feel a little Laura Ingalls and let the outdoors work its magic. IMG_9340 IMG_9341 There’s this thing about when getting toddlers to eat, which is often a struggle, it helps to present the food to them in a fun way. Apparently, just present the whole bush. It is the best thing to do. These kids ate more berries than you can even imagine. IMG_9342 IMG_9349 IMG_9350 Peaches too. Just give them the tree.IMG_9351 Just a little orchard crying. IMG_9354 IMG_9357 He was fine once we got him a peach. Ate that thing right up. Why in the world have I been peeling them and cutting them into tiny bites. IMG_9359 IMG_9365 IMG_9369 IMG_9372 The farm needs the bees. This picture means alot to me. Speaks to everyone’s unique calling and role.

The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others” St. John Chrysostom

To be like a bee. That is my dream.IMG_9370Such a great day! This time of year they had raspberries, blackberries, peaches, and tomatoes ripe for the pickin’. In a few weeks, they will have pumpkins and apples, and you better believe we are going back. This was one of the best things I have done with the kids, like ever. Just this morning, Ev placed play fruit all around her room and asked me if I wanted to go berry pickin’. We all loved it.

Susu, you are a peach for coming. And for taking us to the peaches. And for dealing with not so peachy situations we encounter in the neighborhood. You are welcome in our neck of the woods anytime!

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