Noonday Giveaway!

IMG_8962 I am so pumped about this little giveaway!

Let’s start with the fact, though, that I am so not a fashion blogger. So just don’t even worry about it. I threw a kid in some pics to help the situation, but I am not confused about my role in the world. Anyway…

When we started down this path of exploring what doing justice and loving mercy really looks like, we read a book called When Helping Hurts. It really opened my eyes to some of the ways that well meaning people can really hurt the poor in trying to help them. And then leave the “good deed” feeling good about themselves and doing nothing to actually alleviate the pain of poverty for that hurting person. It’s gonna take more than food baskets at the holidays, y’all.

Committing to stand with people in extremely difficult situations means actually helping them to stand. Restoring their dignity and giving them the tools to glorify and enjoy God through work. IMG_8973 So when my sister told me about Noonday and her desire to be an ambassador for the them, I was all about it. Like obsessed. They are getting it right.

Noonday has taken Isaiah 58:10  “when you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your night will become like the noonday,” and lived it out. The business model is genius. Women all over the world are hand-making beautiful jewelry, scarves, purses, and more. This is their gift, their skill, their joy. Then noonday gets this jewelry into the hands of consumers. IMG_8960 IMG_8975 And the stuff is awesome. It just is. It is fashion forward and fun to wear. And I am starting to see it everywhere. Which is incredibly exciting. Because it is bringing hope to the oppressed.

Right now there are over 1,000 artisans all over the world making items for Noonday. The founders are committed to keeping the jewelry and accessories closely connected to the people and stories behind them. Each item is named after one of the artisans. I love this.

Recently, the group in Uganda was able to open up 15 new positions at their Noonday shop. And 150 people showed up on the doorstep in hopes of getting one of the positions. The need is great. This company matters.

The leaders of this Ugandan group wrote this to the founders,

“You guys have changed our lives. We not only have all of our basic needs met, but we experience the joy of sharing with the needy and that has been so fulfilling. We’ve been able to offer medical help to our artisans, provide clean drinking water to all of the artisans, provide uniforms and lunch, celebrate birthdays (for many of the artisans that is the first birthday they have ever had), provide weekly bible study and counseling, and much more. All of these are joys that Noonday has given us. It has been a business and it has been our dream. Thank you for helping us realize it.”

That is the way love should work. It should multiply. IMG_8979 So is it clear that I could not love this company more? I just think it’s brill. And I am so proud of my sister for taking the steps to get involved. IMG_8992 And now for the fun news, you, dear reader, can win a wrap bracelet just like mine. All you have to do to enter is click HERE. Over at Steph’s site you can check out all the goods. The new fall line is out TODAY and has me swooning. I’ll take ten scarves. Thanks.

Check out this scarf and this necklace from the brand new line.

Once you look at the site come back and leave a comment telling me which item is your favorite. You will then be entered to win this bracelet for your very own wrist.

I will then use a random number generator, so profesh, to give me a winner. I will keep the giveaway open until Friday at noon, and then will announce the lucky winner!

And whether or not you win, I hope you look into all the good that Noonday is doing. If you do decide to purchase one of their gorgeous items, please select Stephanie Flynn as your ambassador at checkout!IMG_8982Brother Bear implores you to enter! He sends his thanks.

24 thoughts on “Noonday Giveaway!

  1. Every time I look at the Noonday Collection I add something to my wish list. Today I cannot decide between the Metallic Pearls Earrings or the Winter Garden Infinity Scarf as my new favorite! I think my whole Christmas list will be from Noonday!

  2. Oops, I posted on your previous post about the fun find you had with your kiddos (who are so cute)! I said, I love it all…the new fall line is dreamy! I’m attending an adoption fundraiser tonight and will be ordering the Chasing Triangles Cuff to coordinate with my Sunshower Earrings I ordered last spring! Yay! Truly honored to wear their story!

  3. So many beautiful items! Thanks for sharing about this great company! Today the beaded statement bracelet, multi is calling my name.

  4. Oh my goodness this stuff is AMAZING!!! I LOVE SO MUCH OF IT!!! Favotrites include the Orange Tagua necklace, The Boli Circles necklace, and Ana’s Scarf! What an amazing company! Thanks so much for sharing and hosting this giveaway!

  5. Wow, Allison! What a cool company! I am so excited about this and I’m definitely going to use this website as my go to for gifts! I love everything, especially the makeup bags…so colorful and cheery!
    Love love love reading your blog and all that The Lord is doing. You are such an encouragement!!

  6. I love Ana’s scarf and the dewdrop necklace. What an amazing company! Thank you for sharing! Praying for your new transition!

  7. I ❤ you and your little blog too!! Perfect post, so glad to be aware of this. So, I would totally grab the Pom Pom arm warmers to warm my cold hands-warm heart😉 And it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t end up falling in love with the most expensive scarf-blanco y negro infinity. I also love the dewdrop necklace!!

  8. Love that book!! Another good one is The Hole in our Gospel- focuses more on international missions but can apply to America too. Would love to talk with you more about what y’all are doing! Sounds like it is up my alley… 🙂

  9. My favorite: it’s a toss up between the Gatsby necklace and the Tushabe Layered Necklace – love them both! Thanks for sharing, and love keeping up with you on your blog. Thinking about you while R is on a tough rotation. Mis…

  10. I love so many things, as usual. The gold rush necklace, braided bullets necklace, Annie’s fringe earrings, the wanderlust necklace and everything win fringe!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Allison, you should reconsider your policy on fashion blogging. 😉 But seriously, great post for a great business and purpose! I’m a sucker for scarves and the Bombay Raw Silk is gorgeous! The cozy zip wrap looks fantastic for colder weather! My sis-in-law has the Sseko sandals, which she loves and are super cute. I guess a girl really can’t go wrong with Noonday! I may have to start pinning…

  12. I love the picked plum scarf! I’m glad to read about Noonday, I’ve been seeing Steph’s insta pics so now I know what it’s all about. PS- W’s jumper is presh. Such a little heart breaker.

  13. Allison, this stuff is awesome! So glad you introduced me to it. Fun blog by the way too (yes, I’m a little behind the times).

    Love this bracelet Chasing Triangles Cuff and the Minted Necklace. I’d take one of everything though 🙂

    Hope you all are doing well!

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