Little Gem

Rob’s sched has been totally brutal. The worst. Whenever this happens, I think, “We’re fine. We’re fine. We’re fine. Oh man, we are not fine. Things are unraveling fast!”

I don’t know how or why this happens. I start the rotation off feeling like such a hero-woman-of-the-year-parent, and then BAM-pit of despair. This never fails to be my cycle.

So as the pit starts to loom, and I feel it coming, I try to think of fun things to do with the kids. And yesterday it was this: IMG_9173 I had planned to simply take them to the farmers market and get some veggies for the week. But this particular market, which I had never before been to, sits in front of this beautiful conservatory. IMG_9176 First, we did our shopping. EBug flipped over the vegetables. She kept talking about green beans being her favorite food. (???) All people within earshot were super impressed. This almost made up for the humiliation I suffered at the pediatrician’s office earlier that same day when during the checkup E asked, no less than ten times, for McDonalds. (???)IMG_9181 IMG_9182 E declared these icees to be “delicioso!”

Then it was time to see some plants. Really beautiful stuff. IMG_9186 IMG_9187 Don’t worry, that stain came out. IMG_9188 IMG_9190 IMG_9192 IMG_9200IMG_9193 IMG_9195 IMG_9204 IMG_9205 IMG_9207 IMG_9212 IMG_9217 IMG_9218 IMG_9220 IMG_9221 The plants were being misted. Ev kept asking to “walk through the dust.”IMG_9222 IMG_9224 IMG_9226I feel like RB has been going lots of places with us recently. It’s funny the stuff I don’t notice until I look at pictures. IMG_9214It was a delightful afternoon with these two. If I’m often gonna be doing this parenting thing solo, I couldn’t ask for better kids to do it with.

6 thoughts on “Little Gem

  1. Fun! Other than my child, my favorite thing to take pictures of is flowers. Actually, I think I am usually a better flower photographer than child photographer. You are very good at both

  2. Love me some Noonday! Attending an adoption fundraiser trunk show tonight! Yay! It’s too hard to pick one thing I love because I love it all! Tonight I’m going to order the Chasing Triangle Cuff that coordinates with my Sunshower Earrings I ordered last spring. Am honored to wear their story!

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