Scenes around our house this week

IMG_9097 This book. My sister gave it to me a while ago. Just sent it to me for no particular occasion. She is sweet as honey that way. And I started it back when she sent it, but then for no memorable reason, put it down for a while (possibly because I was addicted to television. Sad face).

But this week I have picked it back up, and all I can say is-providential. It has been such an encouragement to me. It’s made me laugh and cry and want to gather with everyone I know for a huge pep rally and say, “Let’s do this, yall!” I’m sure that makes perfect sense. Just read it. IMG_9099 These are my new curtains. Rob kept asking, “Aren’t they supposed to go on the outside?” Meaning of the window box and to that I say-No. Let me have my cabana in the ‘hood. Goodbye.IMG_9100These two. Sharing a room. My own personal world of trials and tribulations. Obviously, they don’t share a crib. But E likes to climb in and torture him. #memoriesIMG_9102 IMG_9112Brother Bear is such a bookworm. Like such. I don’t know how I birth ’em like that, but I do, and I love it. Listening to him “read” is one of the greatest joys of this stage.  IMG_9116 IMG_9118 IMG_9123 IMG_9132 IMG_9144 He is such a little lovie with his George and sack. IMG_9149 IMG_9155 IMG_9159 Oh, this depicts another of my trials. The fridge being reachable. It’s a whole new world of independence with snacks. The trouble comes, because he only wants to find and consume the ketchup. I tried to put the carrots and blueberries right as his level! They don’t seem to entice him the way I had hoped. IMG_9165He loves to find socks and shoes from all corners of the house and put them on. Loves it. And also, I wanted to take a picture of my rug. I am beyond in love with it. #craigslistfind

I know this post is a little weighted Brother Bear’s direction, and that is due to the fact that he is one and a half (and then some), and I just can’t even believe it. This is a really fun age with two big disclaimers:

a. of all-he is super clingy. The move has not helped in this regard. He panics if I walk to a different room. I’m hoping this passes. I love his presence, but I need a little less of it. And-

b. of all, as Rob puts it, he is terrible at obeying. He has the biggest grin on his face as he happily does whatever we ask him not to do. We have been handling this with lots of redirection and distraction. But we have definitely entered into deliberate disobedience, so it’s time to introduce him to consequences. Life is hard.

But despite the small challenges of his age, I love this stage so much. He is exploring and learning and communicating more than ever. He tries to pronounce whatever we ask him to say. He always gets the general sounds and number of syllables correct, but the actual words are a bit hard to decipher. I usually just ask EBug what he is saying. She always knows.

Favorites include: Mama, Da-da, Sissy, Tuh-Tuh (turtle), Cah (car), Mah (milk), Baaa (bath), Buh (book), a baw (bonk), bi (bike), tuck (truck), mote (remote), caw-caw (coffee), haw (hot), coe (cold), rah (lion), peas (please), Hmm hmm (thank you).

This a small sample of consistent words. He will attempt anything. That actually seems to be his worldview. Attempt anything. I love my fearless boy. He has really spiced up our lives the last 19 months!

6 thoughts on “Scenes around our house this week

  1. I am dying laughing at the picture of E standing in the crib and hollering. And at the fact that one of W’s first words is “remote!” Boys and their buttons.

  2. I’m with Susu – cracking up at Ev in the crib and “remote.” Brother bear is totally adorable. I can hardly handle it. Also, I love that rug!!

  3. Laughing so hard at so many of these pics. And you totally do birth bookworms! So great. Also, rug and cabana curtain love!

  4. Love seeing your new place! Everything looks so home-y!! And a favorite snack combo of Eli’s is blueberries dipped in ketchup. Tell BB to check it out.

  5. Okay, yes I am playing catch up on “Expect a Bright Tomorrow” today, while my clean, potty trained, children play happily and quietly in the other room, not tearing books, and definitely NOT destroying their room! Ha ha! =)

    1.) A few questions: Love the curtains! Where are they from?
    2.) With them sharing a room , how are you approaching nap time?
    3.) I am hearing this word “consequence” all over the place these days. Is this fro ma book? The reason I ask is that many of the parents I hear saying it have pretty well behaved children and I’m just wondering if there’s a club to join. =)

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