Humorous timing

I really just have to laugh when I think about the timing of this move. In general, we are really trying to let go of the idea that every decision we make should be practical, convenient, and comfortable. So I mean, check. The timing of this transition is none of those things.

Rob is on one of those rotations when he might as well be out of town. It would be the same diff. And typically those rotations leave me a little lonely, because I am running the house and caring for the kids alone. So it makes perfect sense to attempt a move during a time like that, right?

I am not kidding when I say that I have pretty much moved us to the new place on my own. If you have the gift of encouragement and giving pats, might I direct you the comments section. Bottom of this post.

Anyway, I feel sort of accomplished. I don’t feel angry or upset. I know Rob is gutting it out at the hospital every single day, and I can not even imagine his work load and responsibilities. And he does it all on no sleep. Like, none. So he actually has it worse. I know he misses our munchies, and he would love nothing more than to do this whole move every step of the way together. And we definitely are doing this thing totally and completely together, just not in the physical sense.

But things are wrapping up, and we will be at the new place full-time starting tomorrow. It makes me feel excited and nervous and teary and happy all at the same time.

Tonight, I took a break from my to-do list, made chicken pockets, and took the kids up to the hospital to have dinner with the Daddy-Man. They were flippin’ to see him. On the drive over Ev was giddy and kept talking about seeing her daddy and how our car was going to get a blue prize ribbon (???). Must be from a Dora episode. Lots of that going on this week. I should probably credit Dora for helping with the move.

Also, I have to say a huge thank you to my precious, wonderful mother-in-law. She insisted on paying movers to do the actual hauling of boxes and furniture across town and up three flights to our new home. Angel woman, for real.

Odds stacked against us, but this thing is about to be said and done. And not without a quick visit to Rob’s place of slavery, I mean work.  IMG_8999 IMG_9001 IMG_9003 IMG_8998IMG_9011 IMG_9016 IMG_9023 IMG_9028 IMG_9031 IMG_9034 IMG_9040 When the kids and I got home we decided to soak up our last night of suburban pleasantries. Caterpillars and deer. Perfect night. IMG_9041 IMG_9059But this forest is not as enchanted as it seems. Lest we forget, Lyme disease. #neverclaimedtobeanoptimist

8 thoughts on “Humorous timing

  1. Way to go supermom!! So so proud of you! Wish I were there to help you get settled in. Can’t wait to see the new place decked out with pieces of you! Have fun!

  2. Major props my friend, MAJOR. I just did this with one child and only partially packed myself before packers/movers. Now two…WHEW! You must be feeling all the weird bittersweet/excited/just.plain.tired emotions that come with a move. I had a solid 20 minute sobfest alone on my moms front porch two days after our move. It was bound to happen. You’re a rockstar! 😘😘

  3. Serious claps and pats coming to you from Birmingham. I can’t wait to see pictures of the new apartment with your own furniture in it!! And those munchies are adorable! Just look at brother bear’s smiling face whenever you need a pick me up!

  4. First thought: you are a strong woman. Second thought: his strength is perfected in weakness. Third thought: ha ha ha on the enchanted forest / Lyme disease comment! Summary: I love my strong, weak, funny SIL!

  5. So impressed with your moving self (I am glad Dora could help out too, even if it was just a little)!!! My fav pics are of Dr. Brother Bear, precious! And your children look more alike in these pics than I remember them looking just a few weeks ago.

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