The last few scenes from around this house

IMG_8900This move we are making. It is hard to explain. It doesn’t make a whole lot of practical sense.

We are not changing cities. We are not changing jobs. We are not upgrading to bigger and better. But alot is certainly changing.

We are moving to a new place. Physically and spiritually. A place that has lots of unknowns. A place that holds the dream of new perspective. A place that is changing us.

One thing I do know, for sure, is that this is a “His power in my weakness” situation. It’s like jumping into the deep end knowing that you are not that great of a swimmer. And sometimes I stop for a second, and I freak out. I panic and wonder if we are a little insane. You’re headed to the wrong side of town. You do not have to do this. Will your nerves overtake you? Will your kids be happy there? You’ll probably be moving in a year? There’s not enough closet space. And it goes on until…

I look at Jesus. And I know He is there.

And He has called our family. He is asking us to simply follow Him knowing that His ways are different, backwards, upside down, and inconvenient. He is asking us to believe that He loves the ones the world casts off, and He’s making beauty out of broken things.

He is re-charting our course. Teaching us about obedience. Teaching us about faith. Teaching us about surrender. Showing us where the good stuff lies.

So we pack. We sift and sort and load and move. We try to explain to friends and family something that is so personal. We try to explain to our three year old that she’ll be sharing a room. We try to make time during Rob’s busiest rotation of the year to somehow transition our life.

We say goodbye to the place, that in all of its craziness, has been our home for these two years. It’s funny how change brings nostalgia. There have been so many hard things about living in this house. But you leave something behind, and it’s good qualities start to be all you can think about. IMG_8886 IMG_8894 IMG_8899  IMG_8902 IMG_8905 IMG_8911 IMG_8930 IMG_8931IMG_8941 IMG_8949We have had a wonderful last week here in this place. Sharing our week with a cousin and a grandmother has been the best recipe for comfort. It’s a week that could have been a bit lonely and hard, and there have been moments of that, but their presence has been the biggest blessing to me.

As we move ahead, we are flooded with gratitude and hope. Looking to the One who holds the future. Trusting that He will meet our needs and mold our hearts.

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