The Southern Wind Sings Again (part 2)

So after our time at my mom’s came to a close, it was time to cross the bridge and soak up the days with G&G.IMG_8738My girl and her nails and her George game. Love. IMG_8731EBug and G played that George game for quite a stretch. It was just Ev’s speed. IMG_8744Some of our old friends live right around the corner from G&G, and we got to spend a fun afternoon catching up while the kids savored summer. My friend Emily and I are both rockin’ the Big Sis/Lil Bro combo, and it was adorable to see the four of them together.  IMG_8749Little Brothers in their chairs. They look so chill there. That’s unusual for my little Bee.  IMG_8765Sweet girls and their tiny, tiny, genius cones. Miniature is better. IMG_8774Then it was time to head to the lake for the weekend. These two and their knee-up, game-on, position. Genetics.

H joined us for the quick trip to the land of tranquility, and he is such a precious cousin. He is the oldest of all the grandkids on this side of our family, and he is just right for that role.IMG_8789 Little E asking for more snacks. Nothing new there. IMG_8793 This picture melts me. Sweetest thing. He led her all around exploring.  IMG_8812 My little munchies lookin’ big. Bandaids are accessories ’round here. IMG_8829G&G have added a G dog to their life. He is so great!  IMG_8843 IMG_8847 IMG_8853 Brother Bear and his trucks and his cucumber snacks, and his floatie-vest for indoors. Too much. He loved getting to see sweet Nannie. It was a treat for all of us that she came over to the lake for a visit! I wish I had more time with her to let her kindness and grace rub off. I admire her so.

Random recipe insert (sometimes this blog has an identity crisis):IMG_8851 G’s Pimento Cheese Spread (party size)

2 cups chopped roasted red bell pepper

6 cups shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup mayo

16 oz. jar picante sauce

4 t sugar

(adjust mayo and picante sauce for desired thickness)IMG_8850G’s Summer Dip (party size)

1 can of corn

1 can of beans

1 tomato chopped

1 cucumber chopped

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup olive oil

1/8 cup sugar

salt and pepper

I chose to sustain myself on these dips alone during my time at the lake. And I want to remember the recipes forever. And you’re welcome. Because they are awesome. IMG_8854 Next up, more splash pad fun. You can never have too many splash pads in your life. IMG_8860 IMG_8874This photo is the perfect way to end this post. Brother Bear looooooooves his “Bop-pa.” They share their name, so I mean, bonded. He would flip when G got home from work. So much excitement. Then would follow him around for the rest of the night.

It was a great week.

4 thoughts on “The Southern Wind Sings Again (part 2)

  1. G & G’s lakehouse looks cool! Loved the pic of W peering over the dock at Gilly and holding G’s hand. I’m going to try both those recipes. I’ve never had one of G’s recipes to fail!

  2. Does G Poppa realize what a rarity it is for Wilder to flip out with excitement at the sight of someone other than you :)? That is really sweet that he follows him around! Also, loved all the lake pics. I am going to have to ditch this paleo business before too long and try those recipes!

  3. I understand the honor. I think it is ducks that make W4 and W2 bond. Plus he likes fine ties from Freshnecks that W3 suggested that I start. For those who don’t know, it is like Netflix for ties. Cool as is my brother bear. We had fun at the lake.

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