The Southern Wind Sings Again (part 1)

The kids and I are back from our trip to the south land! It was busy and crazy and packed full of good memories. A two week whirl wind of family, friends, and fun outings. IMG_8354I got to see my precious, life long friend Leah. We talked and ate McDonalds, and it was like we were 20 years old again. Except back then I think we were able to finish a sentence. But look at those four adorable interrupters! IMG_8323 Beautiful, blue-eyed boy.IMG_8337Super chill baby award. IMG_8381 IMG_8465 I also got to spend some time with one of my college roommates, Carly. I know she’s just glad to see I made it to this stage of life despite my questionable dating choices.

Another morning of trying to finish a thought, but so fun to see our kids together and catch up on life. IMG_8457 EBug looooooves Uncle Steven. She climbed up on that couch and told him to put his arm around her. He is so great with kids. And I love seeing him with my babies. IMG_8452 Brother Bear is a little lovie. Such a hugger. Love it. IMG_8447 We cherished our time with these two. Sweet brothers and awesome cousins!IMG_8445 We were also there for the wedding of one of Steph’s precious friends. It was a beautiful event, and Lacey was such a gorgeous bride!IMG_8436IMG_8441 IMG_8440  IMG_8430 It was a morning wedding, which was a really cool idea. Doughnuts and strawberries were the apps followed by a delicious brunch of waffles, grits, ham, fruit, biscuits. So fun. IMG_8427 The cutest, most well behaved attendant. He is such a great baby!!!IMG_8422 IMG_8413 IMG_8407 IMG_8406 IMG_8403 If children were named according to their personalities (which apparently we succeeded at), this little guy would be Trooper. And I would call him Troop. He is awesome. IMG_8401 I’m framing this one. Sisters in periwinkle. Love you, Ab!IMG_8398 IMG_8397 We spent some days and nights at Grammy Great’s house, and it was such a treat. She had the perfect little table and chairs set up for the kids and lots of amazing, vintage toys.  E and Brother had quite a time “sharing” them. IMG_8389I am so glad my kids got some good time with my grandmother. IMG_8478 Here is my gorgeous friend, Emily. Yeah, that baby is hers. She just had him and already looks like a million bucks. And is he not the cutest thing!! I was so pumped to meet him, and my only regret is that I couldn’t spend 20 more hours cuddling him. Such a doll. And Em is such a great little momma. IMG_8485IMG_8496My two hoodlums were up to their usual tricks of non-gentleness. But Tru baby toughed it out. One day, y’all will all be friends, Tru. Promise. IMG_8491IMG_8717 We had some really fun kiddie adventures in my hometown. Lots of great stuff to do.

Splash pads are like my jam. Water without drowning. Love it. IMG_8712 IMG_8699 IMG_8689 IMG_8662 IMG_8650 IMG_8638 IMG_8631 IMG_8630 IMG_8627 IMG_8617 IMG_8612 IMG_8608 IMG_8601 Children’s museums are a close second. So fun.IMG_8590 IMG_8583 “I think there is a button up there that needs to be pushed.”IMG_8567 IMG_8549 Dancing king. Like for real. IMG_8543 IMG_8539 IMG_8528 IMG_8514 IMG_8509 IMG_8505       Good times, good times. Thanks, Rusty girl for being such a laid back, resilient dog and putting up with my wild child.

5 thoughts on “The Southern Wind Sings Again (part 1)

  1. Oh my goodness! RAISE THE ROOF…you are back to the blogging world, I am so happy. I laughed out loud so many times during this post!! Love the sister pic in the blue, definitely a framer! And susu with her grandbabies at the splash pad…and Wilder looking at Susu!I love it! I also loved all of the splash pad pictures.. Gosh, I loved this whole post so much. Glad expect a bright tomorrow is back at it.

    • I do pay for a couple of perks. I wanted more storage space and format options. I also pay for my domain name, so that “wordpress” is not in the web address. But there is a free wordpress option, that would be similar to mine in lots of ways. I absolutely love this site. It is easy to navigate, and I love the clean look.

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