Scenes around our house this week

IMG_7993 This is a fun way to do tic tac toe.IMG_7997 This is EBug doing her office work.IMG_8003 This is the generation of technology babies.IMG_8012 This is fruit love.IMG_8040 This is a toddler left to entertain himself.IMG_8061 This is on my front porch right now and making me so happy. IMG_8075This came out of my oven this morning and was delicious.

And, a few quotes from the week…

“I’m having a party. I am inviting the puppets, the animals, and the Israelites.”

“I can’t know.

 “Leopard was disobeying me so I put him to bed. Disobeying means you have to go to bed.”

“That’s not having joy, Momma.”

“This is my lizard. His name is Matthew 26. He’s three years old just like me. How did you think of my rest time, lizard? Thank you for waiting so patiently.”

“Mom, you’re working against me.”

4 thoughts on “Scenes around our house this week

  1. I love the quotes from e bug!!! She is hilarious. I particularly loved the last quote! Glad you made the blueberry bread! It is yum!!!!

  2. I think the brother bear was just trying to play tic tac toe. What happened to the board he is saying with his face and posture.

    We need to get Washington to call Ebug. Puppets and animals could do nothing but help with the talks over there. Maybe get the muppetts too.

    They are so cute and your photos continue to be spectacular.

  3. These posts make my heart so happy! What funny things our kids say and do! That diaper photo could have been right from our house at least twice a week I have to restock all the cloth diapers and inserts. The girls think it’s hilarious but I just make them tell me what color every diaper is as I have them back. And I’d love to hear the story behind “that’s not having joy, momma.”! Have a wonderful day!

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