The Daddy-man

The new adventure that the Lord is taking us on has taken us to a new church in a community we never would have known about had He not pointed us straight to it. And in this neighborhood Father’s Day is a big deal. And it should be. 

In this culture strong, male figures are rare and are to be celebrated.

There was a time of poetry on Sunday, and the poems that were read were extremely touching and eye opening. God is being glorified in these men who have chosen to stick with their families. Who have stayed and loved and provided. Men who never saw what it was like to be a good dad, but who have said, “I want different for my family. I want to be there.” They are doing something beautiful and noteworthy and God-glorifying. And it was a privilege to see that faithfulness and the impact I know it is having and will continue to have on the children in their homes. 

Children need fathers. It was made to be that way. And a man who loves his family well is giving a gift that will flow down for generations. 

We have just such a man in our house. The very best of men.

This guy loves to be a daddy. His children are his delight. It’s obvious. IMG_7693 IMG_7695 IMG_7699 IMG_7705 IMG_7708 IMG_7709And it is clear how they feel about him. EBug told him numerous times that he was the best dad in the world, without any prompting from me. I told her it was father’s day, and she took it from there.

I did get her to work on a little card for Rob. It was a fill-in-the-blank, you know the type. Which for a three year old is a bit hilarious to attempt. I would say, “Dear blank daddy.” Which led to bewildered staring. So I had to change my approach, “What’s a word that you think of when you think of daddy? He is sooooo, what?” And we finally got it all filled in. Here’s how it turned out:

Dear silly Daddy,

           I love you so much! You are the silliest dad in the whole world. Thank you for taking me to the pool, and most especially for loving me. I love you more than forgiveness, more than a dog and more than a chick. I think you are funny when you dance and take me to the park. I love it when you make me and W happy in the fields. I love it when you wear clothes! And I love it when you tell me a story. Thank you for being my daddy and thank you for taking me on a walk.


                                                                      EBug (age 3)

One thought on “The Daddy-man

  1. Oh wow. That was precious. I will never forget the day that I had a panic attack about who you (and your sisters) might marry. Now THAT was silly! I am so thankful for Rob.

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