Fruit of the Spirit Camp

I have a friend who is so very talented, organized, and generous! And when you have a friend like that, and she suggests putting together a mini-summer camp for the little ones, you jump.on.board.immediately.

As I have mentioned in this space before, I am a former (but always will be) teacher. It is in me, I can’t escape it, and I love it. So planning a little camp focusing on the fruits of the spirit was just my cup of tea.

My friends and I started talking and floating ideas a few months ago and then really began to sort out the details these last couple weeks. We all three had a similar vision for how this week would flow, and here we are at the end of it, and it could not have gone any better.

We each took three fruits and planned activities to teach each one. Pinterest is, of course, a wealth of information, so we really just had to find and choose all the crafts, songs, snacks, etc.

The picture overload that is about to happen is intense, but I really wanted to document all that we did because it was such a sweet week! And also, so that I can hopefully do it again one day for Brother Bear. Although, he pretty much thought he was a part of this one. He’s not gonna let the little-brother-role slow him down.

And the fruit of the spirit is…DSC_0459Johannah started off the week teaching the kids about roots and fruits and showing them that having the fruit of the Spirit in your life happens when you are rooted in God’s Word.

Then each morning we would have our opening time of explaining the new fruits and pinning them to their trees. IMG_7444 IMG_7457 LOVEDSC_0511JOYDSC_0518 DSC_0517 DSC_0522PEACEDSC_0488 DSC_0481PATIENCEIMG_7485 IMG_7486IMG_7495KINDNESSIMG_7459 IMG_7465 IMG_7463 IMG_7468GOODNESSIMG_7499 IMG_7497 FAITHFULNESSIMG_7623 IMG_7617 IMG_7603GENTLENESSIMG_7598 IMG_7607 IMG_7611 IMG_7590SELF CONTROL

Not pictured (shocking), but we did a little Simon Says game. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle-self control. Squeal, squeal, squeal-then self control. Etc.

REVIEWIMG_7625 IMG_7628 IMG_7622 IMG_7579Supportive little brothers:IMG_7489 IMG_7479 IMG_7476 IMG_7475 IMG_7470IMG_7449 IMG_7581IMG_7635At the end of each morning we let them loose outside…IMG_7541 IMG_7536 IMG_7532 IMG_7530 IMG_7525 IMG_7523 IMG_7519 IMG_7517 IMG_7513And that about wraps it up.IMG_7662 IMG_7646 IMG_7653 IMG_7636IMG_7674 IMG_7676 IMG_7675IMG_7679IMG_9979IMG_7680IMG_7692
We were really able to do some fun stuff with them, and I believe truth of this passage began to take root in their little hearts.

After such a fun, busy week, I am totally spent. I needed caffeine in order to make it to a 9:30 bedtime last night. And when I get tired, things can get ugly. In my heart and in my parenting. And I was challenged in my own spirit, that the best way for my children to learn about what these fruits really look like is for me to live them out in front of them. This is not something I can muster up within myself. And I am glad to know that these fruits flow out of the Holy Spirit’s work and presence in our hearts.

It was such a precious time with our kids. I am so thankful for these friendships for my children and myself!!

3 thoughts on “Fruit of the Spirit Camp

  1. That looks so fun! And the supportive little brothers made me smile. You could tell that they wanted to be right in the middle of it all!

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