Diary of a Three Year Old

IMG_7338 It’s time for another installment of Diary of a Three Year Old.

First, the nap drop. We bid adieu to our little E’s afternoon nap. Tears. I tried to force the issue for a few days, and it totally backfired. I am talking- up til 11 pm that night. So it is what it is. She just doesn’t need as much sleep anymore.

I would much prefer no nap+early bedtime to afternoon nap +plus up til ungodly hours of the night. And thankfully we have now reached a point where she can make it through the whole day without a nap and without melting down in the late afternoon. Happy day.

She does still do rest time in her room for about an hour each afternoon, where she has to play quietly and independently. Sanity-it’s important. IMG_7341 Secondly, she’s obsessed with her age.

Everything is “I need three because I’m three.” Three crackers, three books read aloud, three braids in her hair (I talked her out of that one), three sips of milk, and it goes on and on all day long. I think it’s pretty cute. I enjoy listening to her try to do things in trios. IMG_7354Her independence has really grown in the last couple of months.

She can get herself dressed and likes to pick out her own outfits. I have all these beautiful hand-me-down dresses from her sweet cousin, but she always chooses a t-shirt instead. Sad face. But that is certainly not the hill I’m gonna die on. T-shirts it is. IMG_7344And lastly, a few quotables:

“Momma, I’ve been sucking my fingers for reasons and reasons and reasons.” So that’s how that’s going.

After watching me get dressed: “Mommy, is there another baby coming in your tummy?” Hmmmmmm, there’s not! So I guess it’s time to step up my ab routine.

After asking one of the childcare workers at the gym what the big overhead vent was and being told it was a tube: “Ohhhhh, a tomb! Jesus was in the tomb, but now he’s alive!!!” Preach it, sister.

5 thoughts on “Diary of a Three Year Old

    • E. keeps giving me material for the Grandparent Moment in Sunday School. Am muchly impressed that the necklace is still intact on that busy little body! Love, Grammy great

  1. Crazy how much changes in just a few months. We are still in the spontaneous crying fits. Can’t wait for a little more calm between the storms as she is starting to teach little sister.

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