I’m climbing my mountain

I love the month of May. Please don’t end.

It is so weird and so random and you just never know what you’re gonna get.

The most beautiful Saturday weather came and found us last weekend, and so we decided to take the kids for a little hike. And by “little” I mean longest, steepest hike with very misleading trails that lasted for 3 hours.

Luckily I had packed lunch and the temps were literally perfection. I could not have asked for one degree different. IMG_7201 IMG_7216 IMG_7220 As you can see, Brother Bear prefers to be carried. By me. Always.

But I love him. And he’s adorable. And he won’t be little forever. And I prefer to be his leading lady for as long as possible. IMG_7224 IMG_7248 Look who’s at the top. R hearts A. IMG_7250 Oh he did walk for a second of that three hours. It had escaped my memory.IMG_7263 EBug insisted on wearing her purple sandals. They are pretty much just an extension of her feet now. And I am sure that I don’t even need to mention who picked out her own sandals this year and why.

Sidenote: She does not like for the straps to tuck under the second part of the buckles. Quirky. And she says the sandals remind her of eggplant. Interesting.IMG_7274 IMG_7297 IMG_7303 IMG_7306 IMG_7309 IMG_7316 IMG_7317 I was so proud of this girl. She hiked like a champ. Singing “I’m climbing my mountain. Step by step. I’m climbing my mountain. Day by day. I’m climbing my mountain. All the way. I’m gonna make it.” If you don’t know that Psalty song, I’m sad for you. And your childhood.

But seriously. She did not complain once. And bounded up the rockiest of rocky paths like a little billy goat. She’s outdoorsy. Probably didn’t get that from me. IMG_7319 And this guy did not complain once either! But he did have it pretty easy. IMG_7328The trail ended just in time. Lez-be honest. Meltdowns were imminent. But it was a gorgeous experience.

Rob says we should hike part of the Appalachian Trail as a family….Crickets.

3 thoughts on “I’m climbing my mountain

  1. I can’t believe E did so well on a 3 hours hike! She is such a small person! I wish I could have heard her singing too :). I’m sure you got quite the workout holding Bud the whole time! Love the PP reference!

  2. I particularly liked the eggplant sandal picture, including the light blue toenails…they looked familiar only smaller. As Nanny would say, “Watch out for those nasty ticks!” Sounds like it was a great adventure.

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