Go ahead walk another mile

IMG_7182I have a current favorite song that I love for so many reasons, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbor’s “Another Man’s Shoes.” It is from their new album Good Light. I am obsessed.

It talks about everybody havin’ their own troubles and struggles, and we need to walk a mile in another man’s shoes. And to this I say, “Amen.”

I am asking the Lord to teach me this year about truly putting myself in another person’s shoes. (I don’t know why I am giving it a year. He may need more like a lifetime.)  I want more compassion for people who are in different situations than me, more compassion for people who believe differently than me, and much more patience for other christians whose perspective is different from mine.

So when I feel myself getting Judgey McJudgerson, I am going to step into their shoes for a sec and take a look around. IMG_7181 Recently I have had the opportunity to step into the shoes of the mom with the toddler throwing a wall-eyed tantrum  for the whole store to hear. Because I am that mom now. Ha! It’s a treat.

Haven’t we all had the “just get your kid under control” thoughts? Well, I am here to tell you, it is NOT that simple. Go ahead walk another mile.

It ain’t pretty. And it ain’t easy. And I have no current solution other than to high-tail-it to my car. But it’s teaching me things. Big things. Things about my parenting pride. Things about where my help comes from. Things about how to best love my little rascal.IMG_7192 IMG_7193 IMG_7195Love you to pieces, Little Buddy. Your passion and determination will end up being some of your greatest strengths. I am sure of it.

4 thoughts on “Go ahead walk another mile

  1. I am surprised you have not had that experience yet. With my strong willed girl, my life is peppered with them 😉

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