Stand by your team

Rob rarely to never gets upset with me. Truly. Saint of marital patience. But I knew when he asked me for the fourth time if I had taken the kids to get Orioles t-shirts, that he was going to be legit mad if I didn’t do it.

He had asked me the entire Ravens season about getting team shirts, and I just put it off and put it off and put it off, until they won the super bowl, the season passed, and it was off my to do list.

Now the Orioles. I am more of a “wear the team’s colors” type of girl. So I just didn’t see the point. Sadly, so very sadly, I spent my entire time at Auburn never buying an Auburn shirt. I literally wore dresses or skirts to every game #greeklifeproblems. Which is seriously so sad to me now, so I am glad that my husband is teaching me how to be a true fan.

And he has certainly, definitely passed on the t-shirt love to our children. IMG_7021 Also, the public transportation love.IMG_7034 IMG_7044 EBug did not want to sit still the whole game. She was in constant motion.IMG_7048 IMG_7052 IMG_7053 IMG_7061 I go to ball games for the food. I had heard on the radio that they were serving waffle fries with crab dip this year! Sign me up. IMG_7068 IMG_7087 Do not try to make this girl sit in the stands. Unless you want to hate your life. IMG_7088 IMG_7091 But a picnic area where she could collect rocks! Now that’s a different story. Probably could have just gone to the park for that. IMG_7093 IMG_7097 This face. I don’t even know.IMG_7104 IMG_7110 IMG_7125 IMG_7135 Three t-shirts and one in team colors. Reform is slow. IMG_7141 Just workin’ on his fitness. IMG_7148 IMG_7151 Bless it. He was a doll the whole day!IMG_7152 He was obsessed with the funnel cake. Who wouldn’t be. IMG_7154 E said she loved the “fun, old cake!”IMG_7158After we got home, I asked her what her favorite part was. She said it was hugging her Oriole. She was very possessive of him.

As much work as it was, it was a really great family outing! I am glad we made the memory.

5 thoughts on “Stand by your team

  1. Laughing along w/ susu. 1) what, you don’t like public transportation? 2) tell me about e’s sandals. Cute. 3) agree abt the haircut. 4) brother’s Popeye face! 5) fun old cake… Love it!

    • Haha, I am becoming much more comfortable with public transit, but it’s not my first choice 🙂 EBug picked out her own sandals this year. I have a certain brand that I prefer for quality and fit, but she picked the color. Purple for the Ravens of course!

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