Scenes from last week including a special visitor

It was a full week around here. Beautiful weather, time at the nature center, mothers day, and wonderful time with Gpoppa!

He was here for a medical conference by day and lots of hang out time with the kids during the evenings.

He also treated me to the best, most fanciest take out I have ever had (which made Rob being on call alot more bearable), weekend doughnuts, and babysat one night so that Rob and I could join the crowds for a 9:30 PM movie! That’s like, my bedtime. I felt so, 21. Actually a 9:30 movie is probably a slow night for a 21 year old. Whatev, it felt young and exciting.

The first few pics are from a quick trip to the nature center just me and the kids, but furtherdown are a few favorites from our time with “Bop-pa” (in the words of Brother).IMG_6871 IMG_6882 IMG_6884 IMG_6891 IMG_6898 IMG_6901 IMG_6902 “Tuh-tuh”IMG_6906 IMG_6914 This picture is hilarious to me. Gpoppa gave EBug an incentive for no finger sucking. For each day she didn’t suck she got to paint one of his toenails. She loved it!IMG_6916IMG_6934 Mothers Day 2013. Thankful for my munchkins, and the gift it is to be their mom.IMG_6947 IMG_6951 IMG_6940IMG_6955 IMG_6966 IMG_6980 This is just classic. I love it. Same name II, III, IV. I’ve got just the frame for it.IMG_6991 IMG_6997 IMG_7001                                   We are so glad he got to visit!! Such a full, fun week!

4 thoughts on “Scenes from last week including a special visitor

  1. The last picture was great! Brother is looking older – more toddlerish than babyish. And did you get a new watch?

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