A chance to recharge

IMG_6456 Prior to taking this trip, I wasn’t sure if we should do it. Should people take fancy, extravagant trips? Is it the best use of resources? Would my children be ok without us? What would they eat? When would they sleep? What if they were sad?IMG_6458 But now post-trip I can say with certainty that it was the right thing to do. I know beyond doubt that the timing was providential, and it was a gift to our little family. IMG_6464 Every marriage needs to be tended. I know that this will not always be done with time spent at a piece of paradise. But after squirreling away some pennies and my mom’s generous offer to keep our children, we decided that Mexico would be the place we would recharge. IMG_6468 IMG_6491 For all that lies behind and for all that lies ahead, this trip was an oasis for us. We treasured the opportunity to relax and laugh and soak up some sunshine. IMG_6496 IMG_6507 IMG_6510 In every marriage there are broken places. Places where we have hurt and disappointed each other. And those wounds either lay unexamined and raw or get a chance to heal up.

We talk alot in our relationship. I feel like that is a strength we have together. But in real life, that talking has to be squeezed into a crazy schedule and often done over the noise of two little people who need alot of attention. This trip gave us the opportunity to talk and talk and talk. Uninterrupted. It gave our weeds a chance to get pulled and allowed new things to blossom. IMG_6521This man. His intentional love and leadership deepen my gratitude to be his wife.

And his dark and handsome looks don’t hurt.  IMG_6546 Then there’s the luxury. Oh the luxury of food that I did not have to plan or prepare! I had this french toast every day and memorized it’s perfection. IMG_6556 IMG_6562 I read an entire book. This has not happened in years. I have a stack of books at my bedside that are all half finished. It’s some new complex I have. I usually don’t have opportunities to sit an read for long periods of time, so I never get engrossed. And I’ve missed that feeling.

The Accidental Tourist was the perfect piece of fiction to get lost in. Bonus-it was set in the city we live in, so I knew every reference to streets and places. Very fun. IMG_6567 IMG_6570 The colors were beautiful. I have never seen water that blue. IMG_6579 IMG_6587 IMG_6588 IMG_6601 Beverages were included. Can’t complain about that.IMG_6604 IMG_6607 IMG_6609We are so grateful to Saint Susu and Pops for taking stellar care of our precious ones!! EBug and BB had an absolute blast with jaunts to the zoo and parks and play places. I wish Susu were a blogger so I could know all the details of their week, but I know that our children’s tanks were filled with love and precious memories.


And special thanks to Steph for providing my beach wardrobe! So fun to feel like I had new clothes for a week!IMG_6519We are really feeling the Lord’s pull on our family. We know that He has a plan for us and a desire for us to build His kingdom. In the ways He is reshaping our hearts and broadening our perspective, I sense that there may be hard things ahead. Hard decisions and uncomfortable changes. I couldn’t help thinking the whole time, that this trip to recharge was purposeful. A purpose beyond just “getting away from it all.” It was a gracious pocket of calm and rest, and we are so thankful.

5 thoughts on “A chance to recharge

  1. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like the timing was just what you both needed. Also I love the new header on your blog!!!

  2. Y’all are so cute! What a fun time for you and also for your little ones! Your perspective on what is to come is so relieving of your willingness to walk with The Lord boldly and with purpose. I am so incredibly glad I found your blog because I know that even though we are headed far away, through your this “little hobby” of yours I will have a front row seat to watch Him at work in your life!

  3. What a well deserved break!! So glad y’all got away, and I’m excited to see what God has around the corner for you guys!! 🙂

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