A few random things

The blue sky, the warm sun, and the green buds peeking out are breathing new life into everything! Meh-men?!

I am just so thankful. And always amazed at the healing power of light and warmth. Here’s where I could get preachy, but for a mill reasons, I’ll stop myself. Today I just have a couple random things to document.

First up, gardening. It is my imaginary hobby. I am super good at it…in my mind. IMG_5899IMG_5985It is such a fun thing to do with kids and teaches them so much…theoretically.IMG_5983 IMG_5963 IMG_5966 We decided to get a little greenhouse and some seeds and have a go at it. EBug was all about it. I mean, obsessed. Checked on those seeds by the hour to see if anything had sprouted. Thankfully, it only took a day or two before some green started to peek through.

Then the time came to transfer our green babies to a pot. Poor guys have not faired so well in the pot. The kids love the digging aspect of gardening…IMG_5900Those plants don’t have a chance. Probably should have just gotten the kids a sandbox. But we plan to carry on and see what happens.

Next up, life lessons. IMG_5912 IMG_5914IMG_5933 IMG_5926 IMG_5943 IMG_5950We recently spent a gorgeous day picnicking by the water with some friends.

Brother Bear got to experience “duh”s first hand, and he about had a heart attack of happiness. Watching him chase them around screeching, “Duh! Duh!” was hilarious.

Meanwhile, EBug and her friends ran bases! My friend, Erin, had the idea to just put out some bases and let them run in circles. Genius.

Which brings us to the life lesson portion of the program.IMG_5923There was also a bright, orange soccer ball involved with this picnic. E’s good friend had brought it, and E wasted no time swiping it and playing with it endlessly. Her friend, M, was happy to share and did not seem to mind the swiping.

But E was a little too close to the water with the ball and:IMG_5941I’m really glad it wasn’t a kid that fell in. (Which we were being super careful about. Having them stay yards away from the water). But sure enough, the ball was not retrievable.

She apologized to her friend, and we made plans later that day for how we would make it right. E and I had a really great conversation about it all. I was proud of the way she wanted M to be happy and not sad, and she was very excited to go to the store and get him a new soccer ball.

We gave him the replacement today, and it was super sweet to see their little friendship restored. This is such a tiny thing, but I think it’s in those tiny teachable moments that I see her begin to process her experiences and think more about others.

So, Sunshine, keep up the good work. It’s exciting to see little plants and little friendships grow.


2 thoughts on “A few random things

  1. Maybe the soccer ball went out to find Wilson, Tom Hanks friend from the movie. I can’t wait to show the boy a whole lot of duhs in the future.

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