This guy-15 months

Our Bud Bud, Lovie, Precious Boy

Can he really be almost 15 months? That is insanity. He was just born. Swear. IMG_5641 I wanted to give him his own spotlight post, because he deserves it. He puts up with alot. All you second born children out there, Bless. IMG_5680 IMG_5698 He is so sweet. There are not even words. He is friendly and brave and smart. IMG_5773 IMG_5783 And he loves beans. Absolute love. I would go so far as to say favorite. IMG_5805 He has become very interested in books as of late. He loves turning pages and is actually very careful with paper pages. He is also fascinated with finding Goldbug, which of course reminds me of a certain EBug baby. IMG_5816 “Ehhh, ehhhh. Buh-bah.”IMG_5833 He pretty much said “backpack” today. Well, it was more like “bah-pah,” but that counts, because that was the picture he was looking at when he said it.

We are doing a Dora-detox around here. (Not so much for Brother’s sake). No videos for EBug for a while. So we have lots of Dora books from the library to ease the pain.IMG_5845 A friend gave us a bag full of hand-me-down trucks and legos. That bag + a beautiful, sunny day equaled hours of entertainment on the deck. IMG_5851 My bath time baby. IMG_5886 That little grin. XOXOIMG_5893IMG_5870My Angel Boy.

It’s fitting that one of his only words is “Meh-men” (Amen, obviously).

His other words are ma-ma, da-da, duh (duck), and he’s fluent in listening.

We love watching you grow, little man! Keep it up. But not too fast.

8 thoughts on “This guy-15 months

  1. He is keeping up the namesake traditions. Finding goldbug faster than an adult and being a good listener like his daddy, spending time thinking and talking about duh(s) and suffering through all he has to put up with as a second child like his GPoppa (haha) and not to mention loving beans and any other thing to eat, and finally, enjoying wearing overalls like the original Poppa. Keep it up, manny.

  2. What incredible faces he makes! I love the second chocolate picture! Can’t wait to see him and to see him and Eli together!

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