The Food Experiment: Mind Games

IMG_5517Me: Hey, let’s make a smoothie this morning!

E: I don’t la-la-like smoothies

(She’s really working hard on her L’s these days.)

Me: Ok

I start blending up the smoothie anyway.

E: Mom, what are you doing?

Me: I am making a smoothie for Bud…Oh my goodness, this is gonna be so good. He’s gonna love it.

(Stares. Stares. Salivates.)

E: Can I try it, Momma?

Me: I don’t know, hun. A smoothie for breakfast! That’s a pretty big treat… But I think it’d be ok if you try some.

(pour some into her cup for her to try)

E: Mmmmmmm! This is so fruity and creamy. I can’t believe we are getting to have smoothie ice cream for breakfast! This is such a treat!IMG_5519IMG_5522And of course, this guy guzzled the smoothie. Even though he looks frowny about it.IMG_5527I froze the leftovers in drops on wax paper to snack on later.

banana + frozen berries + yogurt + spinach + milk + honey = delicious way to start the day

And also, just to be clear and so no one gets the wrong impression- we had Five Guys burgers and fries for dinner last night.

3 thoughts on “The Food Experiment: Mind Games

  1. Yum!
    Hunter has been making smoothies for me & him (and sometimes kids) for breakfast lately…and I love it!
    It’s amazing how much nutrition you can pack in.
    I’ve never seen that idea of freezing drops of smoothie. Love it! I’ll be trying that.

    Love u! Hug the babies for me.

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