UJ Comes to Visit

IMG_5384 IMG_5388 Having Uncle Joe come for a visit was an absolute treat! These kids lit up whenever he walked in a room. He is pure fun. He knows how to get down into a toddler’s world and totally engage. IMG_5393 IMG_5396 His kid stamina is amazing. Not one single time did he say, “Maybe later,” when asked by little EBug to play a game or dance to music or read a book. E felt very special to get some game time with Uncle Joe and Daddy. They played her Busytown board game, which Joe and Khani gave her for Christmas. IMG_5405 IMG_5482 To clarify EBug’s tank top attire, I would like to state for the record that it is still really cold here! I am seeing all this social media chit chat about 70 degree temps in the south, and I just have to avert my eyes. We are still in the 40s up here. Sad face.

But Old Navy was having one of their mega sales a few weeks ago, and I jumped at the chance to get some cheap, spring clothes for the kids. E found my stash and insists on wearing her tank top about every other day. She alternates it with her Ravens shirt.IMG_5493 Also, we ate like kings. Special thanks to G&G for funding possibly the best meal that I have had since we’ve lived here. It was divine. I want to describe it in detail, so you can live vicariously, but also don’t want to rub it in. Let’s just say-lobster mac and cheese. Much much thanks!!IMG_5486Same peeps, different background.

Joe, we can not thank you enough for refreshing us with your visit. It was so fun to get so much quality time with you! The kids are still talking about it and will be for weeks.

And now for a pic that has kept me laughing all weekend:IMG_5508 These two.

And future photographer:IMG_2764 IMG_2769“Momma, it’s just my size!”

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