“Trying to hold on to the last bits of winter.”

Said no one ever.IMG_5086 By March I think we are all really ready for warm, sunny weather.

I’ve been trying to make my peace with these last bits of winter. I have a mental list of things I want to be sure to do before everything starts to warm up and show signs of life again.

My list includes: make hot chocolate, sit and read by the fire, and take the kids snow tubing.

And today we checked item #3 off the list.IMG_5099 Gross. Thanks.IMG_5103 It was the perfect Saturday. Rob was off, and the weather was beautiful for a mini-roadtrip about an hour north.IMG_5110 IMG_5112 IMG_5116 The temps were incredibly mild, which meant no need for coats and no complaining from you know who.IMG_5133 She loved tubing down that hill. She was only old enough for the kiddie slope, which was pansy-ish, but you can’t attempt the major hills until you are five.

Which means we probably can’t go back until she’s five, because she asked about one thousand times to take the “escalator” to the top of the big hill and conquer it. IMG_5151 IMG_5161 Had to get some lodge food. Delish.IMG_5163 IMG_5179 IMG_5196 IMG_5212 IMG_5224 I mean, that boy, in that tube. There are no words. Except maybe: melt.my.heart.IMG_5231 IMG_5238 IMG_5239 IMG_5267 IMG_5278 IMG_5288 Desperate to go up the big slope.

I made the mistake of saying it was “for big kids.” Foot in mouth. She insisted she was a big kid, forcing me to clarify by saying you had to be super super super old and giant.IMG_5299 IMG_5300 IMG_5306Bud Bud’s new favorite thing is to work on his percussion wherever and whenever he sees an opportunity.

So we sent winter out with a bang. Goodbye, winter. You can go now. Not sure we’ll miss you, but snow tubing was a hit!

3 thoughts on ““Trying to hold on to the last bits of winter.”

  1. Love the pic of Wilder with his feet up in the air and a squinty smile and also seeing E enjoy her boots. I need to see y’all soon, because they are growing and changing.

  2. I’m so glad you got to go! Now hurry up and drink hot chocolate so you can say goodbye to winter :). I laughed at you telling ev “big kid” meant “super old and giant”. Also, loved the pic of BB in the tube, just chilling.

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