Today was one of those super dreamy days when you look at your children and almost burst into tears because you feel so full. Full of joy and contentment and gratitude.

Maybe it was EBug singing “Turn your eyes upon Jesus.”

Maybe it was Brother Bear’s never fading excitement over every duck he sees in books.

Maybe it was E teaching her brother how to find things in I Spy books.

I’m not sure.

But whatever it was, I’m holding onto it. It was every mom’s dream of being in the moments and loving well and cherishing your children. And the truth is that most days that’s hard to come by. But today was so grace filled, and love was obvious, and it just felt like a little slice of something else. A little slice of what we were all made to experience.

And I’m thankful. IMG_4991









4 thoughts on “Dreamy

  1. What a sweet day! I’m glad you can notice the small joys and be thankful, sometimes that is hard to do! I love the picture of E helping brother bear with the I spy book! Hopefully she can help him find a duck 🙂

    • I think you’re right!! Each day I’m trying to be patient and consistent with discipline and plant seeds, and then yesterday I saw the buds of kindness start to bloom in them and it felt so good and worth all the plodding!

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