Say hello, and wave goodbye

Hello, grueling residency schedule. We have not missed you.

We’re all back in the saddle over here. Our weeks and weekends of togetherness have come to a close, for now.

The hardest thing about this phase of Rob’s career is that it often feels like it is violating our priorities. We love being together as a family, and the benefits are obvious. Things are just better when the discipline and frustrations are divided and the love and fun are multiplied.

But we do feel confident that this is where the Lord has us, and we are going to make every effort to be good stewards of the time we do get as a family. I am so grateful for the last two months. I really do feel refreshed. Having so much time as a family was a life line during these cold, drab winter weeks.

And now it’s back to entertaining the munchkins on my own. Here are my best efforts:IMG_4890 IMG_4904 IMG_4906 IMG_4922 IMG_4928 IMG_4950 IMG_4955 IMG_4961 IMG_4975 IMG_4977 IMG_4983A few things to note:

-Dot marker activities are the best.

-It was really nice outside after breakfast so we played for a bit. Then I decided that it was finally park/picnic weather and packed up all the necessary requirements for leaving the house at lunch time. We arrived at the park, and it was frigid. What the what! EBug hates for the wind to blow on her. Hates it. Genetic from her father’s mother I believe ;). So we had to leave.

-EBug does not go anywhere without her backpack. Not a single place. I blame myself for introducing a certain Spanish-speaking explorer to her life. I hear lots of “Come on vamanos. Everybody yet’s go!” these days.

-Brother Bear is a magnet to the dishwasher. I swear he wishes he could get inside and shut the door.

Happy Friday!

Any suggestions for how to make tomorrow feel like a weekend would be much appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Say hello, and wave goodbye

  1. Shiver, shiver. I feel her “wind chill factor” pain. She and I know that cold wind is for polar bears. Hope yall get some warm park weather soon.
    Her Father’s Mother

  2. Haha at Gingi :). I think tomorrow you should make a yummy special breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes or pancakes with sprinkles. One thing that always marks the weekends for me is having a more interesting breakfast!!

  3. I was going to say the same thing about a fun breakfast! We love waffles or going out to a fun place for breakfast

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