Baking: A Love Language

IMG_4785We had quite a lovely Valentine’s Day yesterday, and I find it is becoming one of my favorite little holidays. It’s fun to have a day with a theme, and when the theme is showering the people you love with love, well that’s even better.

I knew just the thing that would make my little Baby Girl Valentine feel loved. IMG_4788IMG_4789IMG_4791I have so enjoyed watching her love for baking and cooking blossom. She loves to climb up on her little “step stoo” and help pour, mix, sprinkle and of course, taste.

It’s tempting to hover or take over when you’re baking with a toddler. They tend to make mistakes. But I know there is value in letting her have some independence with it, and I can always dust off some of her generous sugar additions.IMG_4794I was really pleased with our heart pies. They are so easy.

Pie crust + nutella + strawberry jelly + a little sugar dusting.

Cookie cutters not required. I love my little wonky hearts. IMG_4779My little baker is also a bookworm.IMG_4783She spent lots of the day reading her Valentine gift from Susu while wearing her Valentine gift from Gingi. These kids have some sweet and generous grandparents!

And I’ll sign off with a few memorable quotes from the day:

“Bud, it’s my turn to talk your turn to yisten.”

“I’m having a super duper extra Valentine’s day, Mom!”

“There’s no greater love than Jesus, Mom.”


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