What a big win feels like

It is no secret that I have mixed emotions about living here. I go from basking in our abundant blessings to asking the Lord why He brought us here. Just call me Israel.

But there is no question what my feelings are about our city today! So proud. And soaking up every ounce of being a Ravens fan!IMG_4622 IMG_4610I understand and enjoy a good amount of football. But I’ve always been more interested in the game on the college level. I think that all changed this year.

The Ravens are sick. Meaning awesome. Meaning these guys play insane football. And you just can not live here without catching the fever. So contagious and so fun.

So after celebrating a historic win, on the athletic level and the human interest level, we bundled our babies and headed downtown today for the parade.IMG_4625Rob went out last night and got some cold weather gloves. Only problem is he thought our kids were eight and twelve. IMG_4627 IMG_4634The parade was a “yittle yate” starting, and EBug was complaining that her eyes were cold, so we headed inside for a hot chocolate break.IMG_4672 IMG_4671That purple hat. Are there even words?

Rob got that for me to wear?? I’ve never felt so misunderstood. I tried to lose it on the subway, but I think it survived. IMG_4674Then it was time to head back outside and see Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, and Michael Oher four feet from my face. Star struck.IMG_4688It was such a great time. Brother Bear loved it. He was fascinated by the crowds and the parade. Even knew to clap when the team went by us. EBug was sort of a complainer, but she did love cheering from atop my shoulders and guzzling hot chocolate.

Definitely an experience we won’t forget. And a few choice words from the public transit passengers that we hopefully will forget.

6 thoughts on “What a big win feels like

  1. fun!!

    I was listening to a news report about the parade on NPR today…and I seriously thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be cool if R&A could take the kids to that parade!”…..

    and here I find out on your blog that you DID!

    What a fun and memorable experience for the kids.
    Sometimes with my kiddos they complain on the actual day but it still becomes a treasured memory. 🙂 Allison, we’ve talked about that phenomenon before…the gilding of memories. It can happen to kids as well as parents.
    Good job on the shopping, brother. Gloves with lots of growing room. And a very flashy hat for my dear sister in law. Will you be my personal shopper?

    Love y’all & as always love your wonderful blog posts!

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