Tonight, we are young

IMG_4486I am newly obsessed with January. Most people find it to be a drab, boring, difficult month,  and most years I would probably agree, but this year, January finds me on cloud 9.

This is mostly, actually completely, due to the fact that the hospital has released my husband from slavery for about 8 weeks. He is not on vacation, nothing that crazy, but he has a normal person schedule. We eat dinner together, we have weekends as a family, and it is pure and utter bliss.

This past weekend we were invited to a party in NYC. Very posh and sophisticated, I know, just call me SJP. This has never happened before and will most likely never happen again, so of course, we had to go.

So we hopped on a jet, I mean the Bolt Bus, and scooted up to the city.

Cold, snowy New York, a little magical actually. IMG_4476IMG_4484IMG_4483IMG_4480IMG_4481This post from one of my favorite blogs saved the day, answering our dilemma of where to eat lunch. We ate at Cafe Cluny, and it was idyllic. Bustling with people, delicious food, and hot apple cider that

I love catching up with Rob. We live our lives side by side in the same house raising the same children, but sometimes we still need opportunities to catch up with each other. IMG_4488 IMG_4490After a very satisfying lunch, we headed back toward Central Park where we grabbed some honey roasted cashews before our Pedicab ride around the park. Those pedicab drivers basically want your child’s college savings in exchange for a “tour” of the park, so we offered him a fraction of that for the shortened version. IMG_4495Then it was time to head indoors and check out The Met. That place is huge. Ginormous. We were only able to see a tiny portion of the museum, but that works out because my museum stamina is low.

I do adore Monet’s pieces. Oh my goodness, I’m obsessed. So that really was a treat.

Rabbit Trail Ahead:

There was also an incredible exhibit on manipulated photography. People started photo editing way before 2013, obviously. In the 1800s photos were edited by adding watercolors to a print. In this way, photographers added depth of color or even new objects that were not in the original photo.

This quote was part of the exhibit and really made an impression on me:

“The minute you pick up the camera you begin to lie-or to tell your own truth…”                   -Richard Avedon, 1967

I really got to thinking about this as it relates to blogging. I love reading blogs and, as is evident, love writing this blog. As I read what others around the globe photograph and post, I try to filter what I see through the lens, that no one is posting their real, actual life. I mean, they sort of are, but not all of it. We post whatever slices of life we choose to put out there. Lots of beautiful children and families and homes out there, but we all know that’s not all there is.

Blogs are like this weird genre of nonfiction through rosy glasses.

So I guess this quote made me want to state, for the record, that this blog that I have here is “my own truth” in a sense. I do make effort to take pictures in just such a way as to have a bit of whimsy and intrigue about them. But I like to think of it more like this:

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”                                                                                                            -Elliot Erwitt

Love this quote.

So getting back to our trip. This post holds the beauty of the trip. I am intentionally omitting things like the tension we had over where to eat lunch and how much cold walking it entailed, because, honestly, I don’t care to remember that part.

Moving on! We had such a full, fun day, and then it was party time. The party was to celebrate the engagement of a long-time friend of Rob’s. It was definitely a departure from our norm! IMG_4509This photograph required a flash, which always upsets me, but we had to capture a bit of our “east village chic”-ness.

Here’s a phone shot of the full

I’m so proud. Not because I can dress so stylishly, but because I can follow directions from my stylist. I had a small anxiety attack when we got the invitation and it said “attire: east village chic.” What the what. I had no idea. So after texting Emily in a panic, she kindly led me toward fashion success. Thank you, friend!

So we had a fab time at the party even though the people we probably had the most in common with were the bride’s parents. What can ya do! And the groom, Rob’s friend Keith, is one of the nicest guys in this world, so it was great to see him and celebrate his upcoming marriage.

And where were the munchy munchkins??IMG_4533With their dear Aunt Steph! She took extra-special, wonderful care of them. And they had a blast. Today EBug keeps asking when she’s coming back. “I want Aunt Steph to come back and have a good day with us!”IMG_4544Thank you sweet Sister for giving up your weekend to come take care of our babies! It was a treat for all of us, and we couldn’t have done it without you!!

4 thoughts on “Tonight, we are young

  1. I am so glad you have a “normal” lifestyle for a few weeks. I know it is much needed. My love to you all and ENJOY!!
    P.S. You are a truly amazing wife, mom and woman! I admire you so!

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