12 Months-The Hair Evolution

So this is most likely the last post about Brother Bear’s 1 year of life accomplishment.

First, a few notes about where he is today. We just went to the ped this morning (torture for all!), and he weighed 20 lbs which was the 19th percentile, and I forget his length but remember it was the 38th percentile.

He has five teeth, and a few more that are about to bust through at any moment!

He walks and climbs and still crawls some.

His communication seems to have progressed significantly recently. Not necessarily with words, but he does alot of intentional pointing and grunting to make this wishes known. His main sounds are Ma-ma, Da-da, and Guh (for Curious George).

He also seems to be understanding a lot of what we say to him. If I tell him, “Go get your George car.” He walks right over and picks up the specific toy I requested. He can also wave and blow kisses on command.

He loves his sister dearest. If I say, “Where’s Sister?!” He goes straight to find her and see what she’s doing. In fact, it doesn’t take much prompting at all. He likes to constantly know where she is and what she’s doing.

He’s much more of a biter than E ever was. Look out! It’s always affectionate bites, but still, biting! Problem!

He loves to dance and bounce and clap and smile. Party animal.

And now a look back on how far he has come and how much his hair has evolved…

IMG_7543 IMG_7715 IMG_7839 IMG_8250 IMG_8490IMG_8692 IMG_9089 IMG_9598 IMG_9661 IMG_9803 IMG_0250 IMG_0307 IMG_0313 IMG_0628 IMG_0728 IMG_1321 IMG_1720 IMG_1999 - Version 2 IMG_2369 - Version 3 IMG_2531 IMG_2935 IMG_3272 IMG_3392 IMG_3924 IMG_4441 If there is one thing about this boy that everyone in the world comments on it is his hair! The boy has had four haircuts in his short life. I took him to get it cut a few days ago, and it was no big thing to him at all. He’s so used to it!! He just sat there sucking his little lollipop while she snipped away.

Meanwhile EBug was sitting beside us saying, “Momma, what are they doin to my baby brotha. I want my baby brotha back.” So protective when she wants to be.

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