A full, festive day

IMG_4116 IMG_4118 IMG_4128 IMG_4133 IMG_4141 IMG_4145 IMG_4149 IMG_4165 IMG_4184 IMG_4191 IMG_4203 IMG_4214 IMG_4217 IMG_4224 IMG_4229 IMG_4243 IMG_4258 IMG_4267 IMG_4279 IMG_4287 IMG_4282 IMG_4291 IMG_4307 IMG_4310 IMG_4321 IMG_4329 IMG_4338 IMG_4372 IMG_4381 IMG_4384 IMG_4386 IMG_4397 IMG_4408 IMG_4421 IMG_4428 IMG_4434 IMG_4437 IMG_4440 IMG_4445If you could not be here for Brother Bear’s special day and wanted to be, now it’s pretty much like you were. I photo-documented even more than I posted here, if you can imagine.

Birthdays are a big deal to me, and should never ever under any circumstances be just like every other day. (Right, Babe 😉 First birthdays are an especially big deal in my book, so we tried to make it extra special for Bud Bud. And I like to think we succeeded.

The day pretty much centered around food and play. And I’m not entirely sure which was more exciting to them. Those kids love some cake! But they also had an absolute blast at the play place that Rob found for us to visit!

It was an extra special day as a family, celebrating an extra special little one year old!

3 thoughts on “A full, festive day

  1. I had seen these pictures – which are spectacular – on my phone and parts from the iPad when it was real time but I just saw all of them on a big computer. The decorations on the icing of the cake reminded me of wasabi peas. Whoa! That would be one for one year olds from the Food Network!

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