The thing about travel

It felt so good to leave town. To get on that plane, to fly away from the mundane of the everyday routine, and join the fun chaos that is being with family.

And it felt so good to come home. To get back to that familiar, everyday routine and be refreshed by the comfort that is being our little family of four.

I needed to get away, and I needed to come back.

Here’s the wrap up of our time in the southland. IMG_3904These two.IMG_3910They did this for forever. Brother Bear was obsessed with getting in that thing and letting Sister drag him around. Susu’s bonus room is in the process of being converted to a grandkids room. There are a couple pieces of stray furniture that the munchkins promptly turned into entertainment. Random shelf becomes indoor transportation.IMG_3912IMG_3918More bonus room fun. IMG_3914I am kicking myself that I did not get a picture of Susu, patron saint of helpfulness, with the grandbabies!! When the Christmas hub bub died down, I got her all to myself, and it was the shot in the arm of assistance and TLC that I have needed for about six months.IMG_3934Next, we headed across the bridge for some cousin time! These two boys are about 5 months apart, and they are gonna be buds!IMG_3957My niece and nephew are amazing kids. They are incredibly loving and patient with their younger, smaller cousins. These two girls had a grand time together, and it brought lots of joy to our hearts watching them play and have so much fun together. IMG_3973In an effort to avoid any post-cousin-time boredom, Gingi whipped out the vintage. IMG_3967She has kept every toy her kids ever played with.IMG_3969 Yes, that is a cassette. IMG_3984And Happy Apple. This thing makes kids happy. It’s really kind of magical. IMG_3966IMG_3962A good toy that holds the attention of little ones is like gold.

We will miss Toy Land and the sweet grandparents that live there 🙂

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