Can’t catch a break

Dear December, can I get a redo?!?photoThis month. Oh my gosh. It’s gonna do me in. I am trying to be holly jolly, merry and bright, but it has been tough. We have been sick around here. Day after day after day. And Rob’s sched has been brutal. What else is new?

I am hoping and praying that we are getting it all out of our systems before travel time. We are so ready to travel to see our families! That is the light at the end of this long, dark, congested, achy tunnel.

Everyday EBug wakes up and asks if we are getting on our “f-yight” today. Sweet girl.

So we’re gonna wake up each day and hope that at least one of us is a little healthier than the day before!

Here are some photos from my phone just so this whiny post won’t be picture-less. photo-1Bandaging her tummy to help it feel better. photo-2We went to visit Husband-Daddy Man at the hospital, since everyone there is already sick anyway. photo-3photo-4On a very very positive note Rob was able to go into work a little later today, which allowed my achy bones to get a little extra rest this morning. He also helped me get caught up with laundry, and we got clean sheets on the beds! That can make you feel like a new person. Seriously.

So I am thankful for these hours of help that have felt like an oasis in the middle of a bleak last few weeks. Cheers to a brighter tomorrow 😉

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