Let every heart prepare Him room

IMG_3574There seem to be several layers to Christmas.

The first seems to be the layer that we can see. How are we going to decorate our tree? Are the gifts going to be beautifully coordinated and neatly wrapped? How am I going to display the wonderful cards that come in the mail this month? What am I going to give to family and friends?

This layer is fun. It’s happy and cheery, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it until Pinterest got involved and it all spiraled out of control…IMG_3557IMG_3568Then there’s the layer of traditions. The things we come back to every year. I love this part.

I love pulling out each ornament that we’ve gotten on our trips together. IMG_3585IMG_3586IMG_3591

I love using my mom’s tried and true recipe to make Christmas pickles for friends.

I love celebrating advent with verses and special activities.

I love making holiday cookies with my girl.

I love traveling to be with our wonderful families to eat good food and laugh and play games and watch cousins growing up together.

I just love these special memories happening. IMG_3554IMG_3535But I don’t ever ever ever want to forget to peel and peel and peel and make it to the third layer. The layer that gives Christmas it’s full, holy, unbelievable significance.

Heaven came to earth. Love came down. And Jesus, an eternal, righteous, immortal being, came to live in this broken place. To be in our condition and to be righteous when we couldn’t be. He loved us even unto death. It’s amazing really.

And I just don’t want Jesus to get to my heart and find that “there is no room.” That this year December just got too full to stop and wonder and bow my heart and give thanks.

Let’s enjoy and experience every ounce of the festivities, but above all else let’s stop and peel it on back and prepare Him room.

4 thoughts on “Let every heart prepare Him room

  1. All the layers are important…the third is the signature. Traditions, ornaments from special places….memories….make it all the more special!

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