IMG_3497The first thing on our holiday list was to make Christmas cookies. Ev is obsessed with making cookies. I think it’s because she loves to eat the dough. It’s a serious feat to get even a smidgen of dough into the oven to bake. IMG_3464She really is a great little baker. She can dump sugar and stir with the best of them. IMG_3482IMG_3491IMG_3503 Nothing like a little after-nap cookie.

Most days she wakes up from her nap (when she takes one) and says, “Mom, I need some food and a bun.” Heaven forbid that head be bun-less. IMG_3427In addition to Christmas baking, we have enjoyed some seasonal watercoloring.

I’m sorta proud of drawing that tree, and yes, she did get some additional help painting it. Her art stamina is very very low.

She has, however, been steadily and faithfully working on her watercolor gift tags that will adorn the presents to our family members. Everybody’s getting an EBug original this year! IMG_3179And it would not be December in our house without an unhealthy obsession with Little Drummer Boy.


“Did Daddy tell Siri to find Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum?”

“I want yittle drummer boy by Faith Heel.”

I can hardly get her to agree to anything else. IMG_3438And of course, there’s this guy!IMG_3450Baby’s first Christmas. He’s pumped.

And later today we will put up our tree! I’m curious to see how that goes with our little crawler/cruiser. He will most definitely want to pull it over or eat it.

4 thoughts on “Shmattering

  1. Such precious kiddos! I laughed out loud about telling siri to find pa rum pa pum pum. And about the bun! I want to bake with that little nugget!

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