This Cast of Characters

This is the view from my house today. Some sort of stomach evil has struck.

I stocked up at Fresh Market and Walgreens. I’m pretty sure I’m not sick, but I will take any excuse to eat FM’s soups. They are so delish.

Sweet Baby Girl, EBug has it the worst. She has never had such ailments and has been a little confused. Although she welcomes any chance to watch extra Curious George videos.

Two funny things she has said today:

“I’m havin’ a yittle sick day, Momma.” and

“My throat feels skinny, Momma.” (She always addresses me.)

So we are gonna lay low. Had to miss preschool playgroup this morning, which was a huge bummer for all involved, but we will hopefully be on the mend soon.

Here are some sweet pictures from yesterday after church before the evil began. 

I love those two little lovies!


3 thoughts on “This Cast of Characters

  1. Allison, I played catch up on all your blogs & have to thank God for the sweet little subjects & for the ability He gave you to write of them so profoundly. I am expecting a book or books from your fingertips one day. Love to all, Grammy great

  2. I feel your pain. I am laying low with a sore throat and headache. I would call to encourage you, but I’ve lost my voice! Loved the pictures and Ev’s comments. They capture her interpretation of life. 🙂

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