the single mom comment

I’ve been thinking about my single mom comment from yesterday, and feel the need to repent. The truth is I’m not a single mom. And single moms everywhere would probably be offended by my joke!

As is obvious, I do have a loving husband who is a wonderful father to my children. I do not have to worry about how to feed, clothe, or shelter my children. I do not have to worry about working outside the home to make ends meet. I do not go to bed by myself night after night after night. And I’m thankful.

My own mom was a single mother (of four!) for years and years, and her burdens then are very different than mine are now. I do not want to claim they are the same.

The other truth is that residency is hard. It steals alot of our time as a family. The kids and I are by ourselves alot. It is easy to look to the left and see other moms that get to see their husbands daily and get help every night at bedtime and have weekends together for family outings and ugly discontent can creep into my heart and settle there.

I have learned how to be independent. I have learned how to be by myself and enjoy it. I have learned that when I am at the end of my reserves that is a good place to be. It is a sanctifying place to be. It is the place that opens my eyes to my true need. My true salvation. My true love.

My hope is not in Rob’s schedule. It is not in what time he says he will be done. It is not in what our plans are for his one day off. It is in Jesus. It has to be in Jesus. His strength made perfect in my weakness. His love for my children being poured out through my service to them.

Also-I can not conclude this post without saying that sometimes I look to the right. I look to the right and see single moms. I see single moms in poverty. Moms who love their children the exact same amount that I love mine. And they can not feed them. They spend everyday fighting for food, shelter, and safety for their babies. And the thing is, there are actually alot more moms on the right than there are on the left. I must find a way to stop looking to my left. Ever.

So here’s where I offer you a chance to really look to the right with me.

Help One Now has two really cool opportunities to take up the burdens of the true single moms in Haiti. If you click on the Take Action bar you will find opportunities to sponsor children. A really cool thing about this ministry is they facilitate sponsorship of orphans and vulnerable children. These are children who have a parent, but the parent can not meet their child’s needs. Also! Please check out Legacy Project. This is a really cool initiative to build a school for these vulnerable children in Haiti. The directions are on the site, but basically you can sign up to be a part of this building project through Pure Charity. This is a site that allows you the channel your Christmas shopping (or any shopping) so that a portion of what you spend at certain websites goes to the Legacy Project. Or you can just straight up buy a brick of the school for $25. Dear family, you are all getting bricks for Christmas. I’m kidding. Maybe.

So in summary. I love myself. I love to have pity parties for myself. But I do not want to stay in those places. I want to leave those self consumed spots in my brain and not go back. I want to love my neighbor more than I love myself. I want to stop worrying about my kingdom and get on board with building His Kingdom. Will you join me?

“You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.”      2 Cor. 9:11

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