10 Month Old Munchkin

This boy. Oh my word. Such a hilarious, lovable, little mess.

(He does have to sleep in a pink room right now. It won’t always be this way!)He is awesome and a hand full! All at the same time.He’s crawling everywhere and getting into everything and obsessed with vents.

He is also pulling up on anything he can reach and loves to use his walker toy to support himself as he walks around!There are those two teeth! And that line of drool that goes everywhere with him.Please let your brother breathe. Thanks.

Sometimes I have to protect him from her love. (If you’re at all worrying about him in this picture, don’t. He’s laughing.)Me and my little love munchkin.

This is how you have to get in the picture when you are a single mom, I mean wife of a resident.

Two things I almost forgot to mention:

-He loves loves loves dogs. We were at a friend’s house recently, and they had a dog that he followed around for the entire visit. And I swear he said, “gog.”

-I turned my back for like three point five seconds yesterday, and looked back around and he was gone. I had left him playing in the playroom (downstairs) and when I went to find him he was upstairs. All the way up all of the stairs. So I’ll leave you with that to worry about. Happy 10 Months!

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