This is my beautiful sister. And this is her ability to do several things at once.

She is currently mothering a busy boy toddler, growing a baby, and starting a business.

I am obsessed with her products. Here is the casserole carrier she gave me for my bday.I have gotten compliments every time I take it anywhere. People ooooo and ahhhhh over it’s beauty and functionality. It is insulated and keeps the dish warm. Next are these adorable aprons. She made 13 of them for my little sister’s bridal party! No small task. They are so cute and fun and would make the perfect gift for any cook!

So my question is this: Do you know anyone who is getting married? Having a baby? Or enjoys to cook? If the answer is no to all of those questions, I am sad for you. Go make some friends.

But seriously, the holidays are fast approaching. I am definitely making my list and checking it twice for all the gifts I need to purchase. So if you need that perfect thing for a sister-in-law or a roommate or your mom, go check out Ab’s site:

Threaded Together

Also-if you see a product that you love but would like it in a different fabric, she does custom orders!! And she is fast! She can whip something up before the holidays for sure!

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneur

  1. love love love!! I love the idea of a casserole carrier and I’m totally going to do this for Christmas gifts! Thanks Allison!!

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