Costumes and Candy

We had such a fun “Ha-yo-ween” last night.

It’s hard for me to get on board with this holiday. In fact, I reject all the dark, ghosty, villainous things about it. But the candy! And the costumes! So fun.

We had a little Tigger and a little nurse this year. My main goal for costumes (before they can choose for themselves) is to pick something that shows one of their greatest interests at the time. So this year, that would be bouncing and bandaids.

Brother Bear is obsessed with bouncing in his bouncer. He practically goes through the roof.

And E is obsessed with bandaging things. A box of bandaids can keep her entertained for approximately 45 minutes. Nothing else holds a candle to that kind of attention span. Equally fun is the fact that she adores her daddy and got to wear scrubs “just yike Daddy!”I wish I could have gotten a picture of the two of them together. And believe me I tried, but for the love! Those two are hard to photograph. They are now both refusing to look at the camera. ever. We went to get quesadillas before the big candy fest. A delish tradish.

Rob was able to go with us this year, which was such a TREAT. I am not sure which of these two had more fun!

We went to the mecca of trick or treating. It was a-ma-zing. Is it weird not to trick or treat in your own neighborhood? Our street is a total dud. There are no other little kids, so we went to a neighborhood of row houses full of young families. It was so festive. Rob says we are going to go back to that neighborhood every year. Like even after we don’t live in this city anymore.

The row houses aspect can not be overlooked. You could get candy at one house and then three steps later you were at the next house. We walked up and back on one street and hit up 40 houses. My little shrinking violet got real brave when candy was involved. Fearlessly walking up to each door, knocking, saying “trick or treat,” and wishing everyone a “happy ha-yo-ween.”I loved peeking down at those little Tigger ears in the stroller. Nurse E came home and enjoyed her stash and got a good teeth brushin’ before bed!

5 thoughts on “Costumes and Candy

  1. Having been waiting for this post! 🙂 Love it all! Cutest little nurse and bouncing Tigger. And I love that E was so brave for candy!

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