These Two

Siblings. Together they are hilarious, fun, exhausting, and require alot of my patience.

We have entered a new era. The age of sibling conflict.

Don’t they look so agreeable, though?!

Brother Bear is on the move, and he can get to just about anything he sets his mind to. And what he usually sets his mind to is whatever EBug is playing with. She just loves sharing with him…oh wait, no,

Their interaction is a constant picture of the “grass is always greener” dilemma.

So sweet, huh? She does have her sweet moments with him.

She actually alternates between saying, “Good job crawling, Bud! I’m so proud of you.”

And the next second, “No, no, no, Bud! Don’t crawl to that!”

It’s tough though. Learning to share your world with another human. Loving your neighbor as yourself is a life long lesson. Teaching a 2 year old to think of others first may be my greatest challenge to date.

But there’s love there. Sometimes I just have to help her dig deep to find it.

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