Lymey Lyme

I have had several sweet friends and our wonderful, loving family ask about the latest on Rob’s Lyme disease, so I knew it was about time I gave an update here on the blog.

We are so thankful to report that all is well here in the Land of the Lyme!

Rob has regained full function of his face and has all of his energy and positivity back! He started an antibiotic through a picc line and then finished up with an oral med, doxy-something or other. We are so grateful for modern medicine. I truly can not wrap my mind around all that people throughout the ages have studied and learned about the human body, how it works, how it breaks down and the methods to correcting its disfunction.

One key element of recovery was his ability to rest for about two weeks straight. When we found out that he had Lyme disease, he was in the middle of a killer residency rotation. There was no way he could have worked his 30 hour shifts in the condition he was in. Our amazing friends, Daniel and Jenny, stepped in to rescue the situation. I include Jenny in the rescue plan, because she agreed for Daniel to take the killer shifts while she was on the home front with a newborn and two other littles! So Daniel took Rob’s two week block, and Rob was able to do “research.” As Nannie said in a sweet card to Rob, “I suggest your research study be geared toward getting rid of those pesky ticks.”

Ultimately we know that all good things are from the good God that we serve. We are thankful that He orchestrated all the details of the diagnosis, the medicines, and the rest Rob needed to bring about a full, wonderful recovery.

I think Rob feels like he has more energy than ever. A healthy body is quite a contrast to the Lyme filled one!

The whole experience really makes a person think. It of course causes you to stop and ponder the true miracle of every day health. But it also allowed me to reflect on my vows. The ones I made on May 26, 2007.

When you marry a person, you really marry the unknown. “In sickness and in health” means that a sickness may come that could severely alter the person you married. You don’t just vow to the one version of the person you know them to be on that day. You vow to whatever versions come up along the way, and I guarantee there will be surprises. Things you couldn’t know on that day. That’s why vows are so serious. And that’s why we not only vow to the person but to the God of the universe.

I am incredibly grateful for those vows and the security that they hold. It’s comforting to know that the vow is to everything you can’t see. Every version. Every situation. It means when something comes up about the person that you weren’t expecting, there’s nothing to consider. The only option is Love.

Is it more fun to have my optimistic, energetic, can-I-do-anything-to-help-you husband back? Without a doubt!

I love you, Rob, to the moon and back. Not only is it how I feel, and I do feel it in my bones, but it’s what I choose.

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