Fall Free Spirit

Fall requires gingham button downs. It just does.

Saturday we loaded up our little gingham girl and our little tag along boy and took them, along with cousin E and company, to a fall festival. We made so many awesome memories.Stroller babies.Sackcloth slide.Water duck races.Wagon pull.He’s still trying to forget.Apple cider slushies. Definitely as good as they sound.

And lots and lots of dancing. There was a “family friendly” band there, and it was a treat! I have never seen that side of my little gingham girl. She is a free spirit, and it was so so fun to watch. She danced and danced and danced. “Wheels on the Bus,” “This Little Light of Mine,” and “I’ve Got the Love of Jesus Down in my Heart” were just a few of the highlights. Songs about Jesus at a random fall festival, truly rare.It was the perfect way to kick off everyone’s favorite season.

5 thoughts on “Fall Free Spirit

  1. Too cute in her gingham! I also laughed out loud at the wagon pic, looks like they were having the best time on that wagon :). Great pics! I want an apple cider slushie!!

  2. You caught so many great moments. I can’t decided which pic is my favorite – the wagon pic with Eli screaming, or the one of the dads racing the boats! Steph, you can figure out the apple cider slushie, and Ashley Mac’s can start serving them.

  3. I like all the pictures. I guess my favorite is the three of the Daddy with full facial features. That nasolabial fold is ‘what I’m talking about’. Sounded like a great fall festival.

  4. I guess my uncle and I are the nerds of the group because what did I notice as well? Rob’s smile is back and equal on both sides…. Its great to see symmetric nasolabial folds again.

    And yes, I also noticed the beautiful pics of the kids and everyone having fun. You take wonderful, amazing pictures!!

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