8 Bouncy Months

We have hit our stride, people. Welcome to the world of two manageable little people. We are practically on cruise control around here.

I made a huge grocery run today with both of them and didn’t break out in hives. That’s how well things are going.

Brother Bear endears himself to us more and more every day. He is so fun.

His little personality is starting to shine through, and I am daily amazed at how different he is from EBug.

The boy is friendly. Has not met a stranger. He will smile and flap and squeal with love for all things social. Very similar to a certain Papa Bear (minus the flapping and squealing).

He loves his sleep sack. I am pretty positive it is his comfort object. He reaches for it whenever he sees it and immediately pulls it up to his little nose. It calms him right away.

He still loves to rage. This is distinctly different from E. She has never been much of a fusser/crier and is such a compliant child. Brother Bear, on the other hand, throws 8 month old tantrums. I’m scared. I almost had to pull over the car the other day. His new car seat max is 10 minutes. Awesome.

He just does not like when things don’t go his way, and he lets us know. It is totally throwing me off my game, but I plan to analyze and strategize and seek wisdom. It is a huge parenting goal of mine to know my children and to be mindful of each individual child’s strengths and weaknesses. I want to encourage their gifts and work with them in areas that they struggle. I am sensing this may be one of BB’s weak areas!

He wants to crawl so badly! He is so, very close. I kept putting off the 8 month post, because I just knew this would be the month. Last night, there were two little knee movements that could maybe count. But he is super good at yoga. Downward Dog is his fave. Things he’s obsessed with:

Soccer, Bouncing, and Trying to take food out of my hand and eat it himself.

We love you, little Rager. We are so thankful for who God has made you to be.

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